A platform for improving diagnostic accuracy

AI-driven platform
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Development of an online platform for making more accurate diagnoses and determining treatment schedule.

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Launch of an AI-driven platform enabling more accurate diagnosis based on the database available.

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Tech stack

AWS, MySQL, Vue.js, AI.


Our German client has been engaged in data analysis for healthcare for over ten years. The company provides personalized and prognostic data for patient examination and diagnosing.


In recent years, our client more and more often rendered services related to diagnosing the most complicated cancer cases. As a rule, experience from millions of cancer patients can help make the best treatment decision in such cases. Our client set a socially significant goal to consolidate the patient data they already had with many new cases. For this, they needed their own software product powered by artificial intelligence. Modsen’s software developers joined the client’s small in-house team to address the following challenges:

  • fast integration into the project at the initial stage and launch of the product within 6 months;
  • analysis of an extensive database using SQL Server;
  • algorithm development for data-report generation; clear structuring of prognoses and treatment plans;
  • creation of an API to communicate with the client’s database;
  • strict consideration of all data available and configuration of the most accurate patient treatment prognosis.
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Joining the project, Modsen’s software development team had to meet two important conditions: rapid software development and solid control of the project team to ensure effectiveness and meeting the deadlines.

Our project team of 6 developers brought in their vision of an effective build of the project management, proper control, and achievement of all KPI values.

The Modsen’s developers added the required tech stack and medicine- specific software development experience to the project and helped launch the project within 6 months. The team did the following:

  • developed a large web portal for collection, management, and provision of patient data at the diagnosis stage and throughout the entire treatment period
  • integrated components allowing the patients to access the prognostic analytics and data from several hundreds of thousands of patients
  • improved the quality of the prognostic algorithms by adding various factors, such as age, sex, concomitant chronic diseases, and disease stage
  • added a possibility to track patient condition over time, and thereby ensured individual understanding of a patient’s condition and functioning in real time
Medicine-specific software development


The core product has been launched, and our reduced team is providing support for the existing application. Currently, we are planning to scale the platform up and start new software with the client. The major results for the client are:

  • personalized approach to every patient and better treatment planning for severely ill patients
  • less diagnostic errors
  • compilation of a large number of medical records, which helps with the important mission of better public health care

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