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Development of a functional app for convenient residential property search. The app will allow users to get relevant, visual, and exhaustive information remotely.

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  • Fast and simplified real-estate search
  • Interactive media components
  • SEO
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Tech stack

React, NextJS, graphql, tailwind


A developer company specializing in residential real-estate building. In recent years it has successfully sold hundreds of apartments in various price segments. The developer company has set ambitious business advancement plans on selling several thousands of apartments by 2027.


The main objective of the app is to boost as much as possible and simplify the process of property search/purchase. It is required that each user should be able to find the most appropriate housing option remotely. The key goals of the app:

  • convenient visual city map demonstration
  • user-friendly interface and the possibility to choose the appropriate district/street/building
  • relevant information on all the available housing options in the preferable area
  • the possibility to get a detailed plan of each apartment, a 360-degree virtual property view
  • access to relevant information on prices and an online consultation
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  • Creating intuitive interfaces for the end-user based on the well-conceived design
  • Development of reliable and portable components using React, TypeScript, Storybook, fully covered with tests
  • Development of integration as well as e2e tests for high-quality performance and improvement of related processes in the application and corresponding tasks within the project
  • Change and realization of a valuable addition to the logic in microservice - Next.js, express, koa
  • Extension of API and creation of graphql schema - working with graphql-codegen, apollo/federation, apollo/gateway
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The technology stack and technical solutions we have used made it possible for our project team to reach the key preset goals:

  • increase in real estate sales
  • audience coverage expansion and app user activity growth
  • high software performance and positive results of app user behavior history
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