Smart city IOT solution for energy performance optimization

Smart city


Provide an innovative IoT solution for bridging performance gap


Custom software development of an advanced real-time simulation application

Tech stack

MERN stack, mongo, express, React, NodeJS.


Since IoT technology is a core of smart city development, municipalities tend to show interest in the IoT applications to enhance the efficiency and reliability of modern city life. Our client is a governmental organization that puts much effort into the intensification of civic engagement by providing digital access to citizen-friendly social services and the implementation of smart city standards. To do so, the client ordered a custom smart city IoT application to be developed.

Challenge: An innovative IOT solution for bridging performance gap

Among the issues smart city IoT applications can tackle, energy overconsumption and bridging the energy performance gap are the key ones. The project amounted to building an application that would provide the municipality members with the accurate energy consumption data available anytime within a click to make it possible to plan out the energy demand and avoid its overuse.

Solution: Custom software development of an advanced real-time construction simulation application

As a smart city solution provider, our team went for React and Redux as well as Ant design to reach the IoT application goal. We have enhanced the existing simulation features and introduced the framework which gives a sense of immersion into the real-life construction and its performative parameters. Such a deep insight allows the client to give highly accurate energy performance predictions, optimize and reduce the performance gap, saving on the building maintenance. Such a comprehensive application that provides complex information about every detail set up inside and outside of the building should be protected from access by random anonymous individuals, thus registration is obligatory. The design provided by the client government outsource company had to integrate simplicity, visual clarity, and intuitive navigability of the monitored building parameters with the advanced unfolding option to reach any of the available assets and set necessary configurations.

Custom software development
Custom software development

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