Staff Augmentation for Online Store Scaling

staff augmentation
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Lack of high-end specialists to scale the existing digital product.

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Form a team of front-end + back-end Modsen developers.

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Tech stack

Java, React-Native, React, Mobx, NgRx.


The client is a large financial company from Central Europe, that provides services for individuals and legal entities. Our partner has more than 50 branches across the country being one of the industry leaders.


Initially, the client’s online platform was implemented by the internal team of engineers. As the number of partners has grown, the product’s capacity required expansion, and Modsen was requested to develop a more complex logic, scale the platform, and refine the software. The client requested us to:

  • recruit a qualified team consisting of Front-end and Back-end developers;
  • guarantee a permanent reserve and flexible reinforcement of the recruited team;
  • select a team of developers with experience in fintech and banking app development;
  • improve the UI/UX and create a clear app logic with more complex functionality;
  • upgrade the old app code and replace outdated payment systems;
  • adjust the existing app to new business processes and operations.
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Modsen has promptly addressed the challenge by recruiting a relevant team of high-end professionals to fulfill the goals set by the client.

After we carefully selected back- and front-end specialists, our partner conducted an interview with each member of the external team and approved its composition. During the cooperation period, we were able to:

  • approve a team of React-Native, Java, and Angular developers and painlessly integrate them into the customer’s project within 2 weeks;
  • fully control the team’s performance by providing weekly reports on KPI implementation to the client;
  • incorporate agile project management principles;
  • redesign the existing solution and expand the functionality taking into account the new business logic;
  • optimize the app development cost and time due to the team’s vast experience in fintech projects.
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To date, we’re successfully working with the client, supporting the functionality of the product and introducing improvements to it. Our cooperation includes:

  • flexible team scaling according to the current requirements of the client;
  • monitoring of the time, resources, and productivity of the entire team working on the projects;
  • quality control of communication by Modsen specialists.

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