Telemedicine Software Platform for Therapy Services

Adaptive, scalable, and secure app or quality provision of psychological help.

Telemedicine software platformTelemedicine software platform


Gathering thousands of professional psychiatrists and psychologists under one roof to provide high-quality online therapy services.


Development of a robust multifunctional telemedicine software solution adaptive to smartphones and web browsers.

Tech stack

Java, Kotlin, AWS, React.


At the time our client turned to Modsen, it was a young and aspiring Western-European start-up company that aimed to build a telehealth platform for therapists and provide mental relief and psychological assistance to people worldwide.

Telemedicine software interface


Telemedicine technology has been gaining momentum for quite a bit of time, yet the niche for top-tier quality platforms uniting group therapy sessions and private video consultations is still spacious. Given the circumstances, our client decided to go for the development of telehealth software that would encompass the following feature set:

  • Detailed profiles of patients and therapists;
  • Video consultations appointment scheduling;
  • Top-flight video chat during therapy sessions;
  • Possibility of turning off a video call and connecting to voice calls while preserving anonymity;
  • Safe and secure storing of user sessions history and medical records;
  • Built-in chat for text messaging between patients and doctors;
  • Possibility of saving video chats to record the history of patient medical care and to achieve quality control over the healthcare services provided by the doctor.



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QA testers


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Backend Developers


Mobile engineers

Modsen team

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

To build a highly performative, functional, and scalable telemedicine software Modsen team started off by initiating an in-depth meet-up with our partner to hear out the project idea in detail and decide on the approach we would adhere to when developing the application.

One of the major concerns was the maintenance of sensitive data rock-solid security and client anonymity through the incorporation of EMR data encryption and compliance with several international healthcare software standards. These and other valuable insights into the future product’s functionality, purpose, and philosophy were thoroughly documented and laid the foundation of the sequence of further software development process steps.


Although planning might seem less crucial in terms of product development than, for instance, coding, in fact, without accurate and thoughtful process scheduling the success of the whole venture becomes highly questionable.

To ensure that the work will be completed in the shortest time possible and to avoid unexpected delays and task overlapping, our team adheres to Agile methodology that allows us to deliver top-tier quality software products ahead of time.

Team assembly

As soon as the first phase of the telemedicine software development process was over, we began to form the project team by selecting specialists relevant to the job not only in terms of their tech experience but also taking into account their familiarity with MedTech solutions.

The team assembly procedure at Modsen is twofold. At first, the company CTO picks the experts he deems most suitable for the project as he’s well aware of the tech background, strengths, and industry expertise of each Modsen team member. When the preliminary selection is done, our partner dives in to have a final say, test, or interview the specialists who are going to build the software destined to skyrocket their business.

By giving our clients a chance to participate in the team assembly process we provide them with positive hands-on experience that goes on until the final software development phase and creates an ambiance of joint involvement in the venture, which doubles its potential to succeed.


Building the UI/UX of a telemedicine software platform requires a deep understanding of the key user scenarios and implies the creation of a stress-free product navigation experience that would put people at ease from the first click.

Modsen Design Studio UI/UX experts went for pastel, visually pleasing colors to give the platform a calming vibe and at the same time establish the brand color palette that would be associated with the company as a whole. The complete design process was divided into 5 core steps:

  • UX research;
  • UX strategy building;
  • Wireframing;
  • Visual design;
  • Prototype testing;
Having a logically impeccable and aesthetically pleasing platform design prototype for mobile and web app versions built, it was handed for further development to the team of engineers waiting to turn a prototype into a robust and secure application.


Being focused on the employment of the finest and most effective technological solutions to build an outstanding telehealth platform for therapists and patients, our developer team went for Java, Kotlin, and AWS React as their core tools. The specificity of the telehealth software lies in its need for strict regulatory compliance and strong data security provision. To ensure these, we had to comply with the following healthcare software and data security standards:

  • IEC 62304
  • ICD-10
  • Data Protection Directive 1995/46/EC
  • FHIR
Modsen team of telemedicine technology experts delved into the project with enthusiasm and dedication to delivering top-tier quality products that transform businesses and bring value to their clients. Within the period predefined in the project plan, the mobile and web versions of the software were ready to be tested and improved.

Comprehensive testing

Testing is one of the closing yet by no means less crucial steps on the way to a successful product launch. Modsen QA specialists drafted up various testing scenarios to make sure users wouldn’t experience any platform inefficiencies that might hinder the whole venture by ruining the impression of the software product. As soon as the testing was completed, the bug report was sent to the developer team for correction.


Having tested our fresh-out-of-the-oven telemedicine system, we presented the final result of our work to the client and handed them over the documentation, guidelines, and other related details. Modsen team also conducted a pre-launch consultation with our partner to make sure they are well aware of platform capacities, functionality, and potential for further improvement.


Startup companies like our client’s one, usually require a software development partner whose guidance won’t terminate after the product launch. Our team focuses on long-term cooperation with each of our partners as their projects become dear to us and we truly care about their future scaling, improvement, and upgrading. As an established telemedicine software provider, Modsen offered our client 3 months of free-of-charge product servicing – the period sufficient for familiarising yourself with the app performance tendencies and starting to reap the rewards of launching a first-class quality telehealth platform.

Healthcare software platform


Recognized expertise in software development and extensive experience in completing MedTech projects allowed Modsen team to present a highly competitive, powerful, and secure telemedicine software solution for providing mental healthcare services.

In cooperation with our partner, we managed to unite patients and treating doctors by offering them a platform with the following features to grab:

  • Comprehensive patient profiles – name, address, sex, age, health record, and other treatment-relevant data;
  • Detailed profiles and lists of doctors – descriptions of all the available consultants to choose from;
  • Appointment booking – a calendar displaying the availability of doctors for booking a session;
  • A quality video chat for mobile and web versions as well as a possibility of anonymous voice call communication;
  • Cloud data storing with the function of history transfer to another doctor;
  • User-friendly in-app payments;
  • Safe medical card storage enabling doctors to access patient information if necessary.
The platform was launched to the healthcare services market according to the timeline and paved its way to success within 6 months. Our client pointed out a few of the key platform performance positives:
  • Favorable feedback from treating doctors: the app makes it easy to plan your schedule, study a patient’s health record, and provide quality psychological assistance to clients;
  • High ratings from clients due to a wide choice of specialists, data anonymity, and the possibility of contacting a doctor from any device;
  • A streamlined expansion of the client base and attraction of top field professionals.


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