Online system for tour and activity booking

Safe user-friendly travel and hospitality software solution.

Online tour booking app
Online tour booking app


An outdated web application incapable of processing increased masses of customer data due to the recent business expansion to the Asian direction.


Development of a cross-platform online tour booking app adaptive to web and mobile ecosystems.

Tech stack

React Native, Detox, Jest, React JS, Firebase.


A leading player in the European travel and hospitality industry provides online sightseeing and tour booking services across the EU. Recently, the company has taken a step towards expanding its outreach by focusing on the Asian market. With a view to fundamentally transforming the existing tour booking app, the client reached out to Modsen to hire senior-level cross-platform app developers with extensive domain experience.

Online tour booking app interface


The key objective of our partner was to qualitatively scale up their business and support the expansion by developing a robust, safe, and user-friendly cross-platform application running both within mobile and web ecosystems to ensure maximum value and convenience. The client’s key goal boiled down to uniting thousands of sightseeing activity providers within the app and ensuring convenient error-free reservation of desired tours across the EU.

The aspects projected to have been incorporated into the travel software system encompassed the following:

  • Division and selection of tours and activities based on the geographical principle.
  • Demonstration of the user reviews as well as tour operators and ratings.
  • Development of user-friendly personal accounts containing all the information necessary for efficient travel activities planning, booking monitoring, and payment processing.
  • Incorporation of map-based ratings of popular cities and places to visit.
  • Insert sections with detailed user reports in the form of an in-app blog.



Project Manager


Team Lead


QA testers


Business Analyst


Developer Engineers

Front-end software engineer

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

The discovery phase lays the foundation of every project being developed by Modsen experts. To ensure maximum compliance with our partner’s requirements and expectations, we place great emphasis on conducting internal and external research followed by several online meetups with the client.

Having a proven track record of building travel and hospitality software solutions for 5+ years, Modsen senior PM, BA, and CTO managed to cut the requirements gathering phase to 2 calls due to close familiarity with the specificity of the given project and thanks to obtaining a thorough realistic product requirements plan drafted by our partner.

The stage closed with submitting a final document supplemented by Modsen commentaries and alterations to the client and waiting for their approval.


Unwavering compliance with deadlines and well-oiled project management processes are at the core of Modsen professional approach. To properly plan out the travel app development keeping in mind our key priorities, we turned to Agile methodologies and tapped into the extensive experience and best practices we apply to build software products proactively.

As a result of close cooperation between relevant Modsen specialists, a comprehensive project development plan was scripted outlining the key milestones, sprints, responsibilities, resource allocation, and other significant details. The draft was then submitted to our partner and after minor modifications, the team was given the green light to get down to code-cracking.

Team assembly

We consider each software development project that comes into our hands as a lock that requires the right key to be opened and achieve its full potential. To that end, at Modsen we have built a multistage system of specialists’ filtration, upgrading, and testing to entrust product building to truly dedicated, challenge-loving domain experts. When selecting developer engineers for the tour booking cross-platform software development project, our CTO focused not only on their proficiency in the required tech stack but mainly on the travel and hospitality product-building expertise under their belts.

CTO-based team assembly at Modsen was combined with engaging our partner in the candidates’ competence verification process to ensure that the project is handled by dedicated skillful professionals with relevant domain experience.


Tasked with building a layout of the web and mobile versions of the tour and activity booking platform, Modsen Design Studio UI/UX experts centered their efforts around creating a visually appealing, functional, and at the same time navigable, and intuitive interface that would facilitate vacation planning and aid customers in finding the best sightseeing and activity options.

Our team reworked the key design elements by adding more distinguishable and recognizable app front-end components. The full cycle of the design process was divided into 5 core steps: The complete cycle of the design process was divided into 5 core steps:

  • UX research
  • UX strategy building
  • Wireframing
  • Visual design
  • Prototype testing
Reaching the key UI/UX implementation objectives, Modsen designers handed software prototypes over to the developer team to power the impeccable prototypes with the back end.


Adherence to constant competence improvement and efficient incorporation of the most advanced technologies in cross-platform app development results in implementing progressive tech stack tools that are the best fit for the product under development.

Modsen project team working on the creation of the online tour booking app enjoyed 5+ years of experience in crafting similar solutions and were well aware of the pitfalls such type of software product development conceals.

6 senior-level coding enthusiasts employed tried-and-tested programming methodologies as well as innovative tech practices to achieve the ultimate results that would drive our partner’s business transformation.

Comprehensive testing

When the code was up and running, Modsen QA specialists started the process of meticulous software quality verification to identify the slightest inefficiencies and have them fixed.

The end-to-end cross-platform app testing cycle encompassed the following stages:

  • Test scenarios identification
  • Test environment setup
  • Test cases implementation
  • Result analysis
  • Retesting


Having a robust, safe, and scalable application at hand, the team got the technical documentation and user guidelines ready to be transferred to the client. Modsen experts also assisted our partner during the software deployment and consulted the product owner about the most efficient and beneficial ways of future app exploitation.

Servicing and further cooperation

After handing the product over to our partner, we didn’t leave them one on one for long. Software development is a process of continuous improvement, upgrading, and upscaling of the initial project with a view to perfect efficiency, add new functionality, and broaden business horizons.

The long-term cooperation between Modsen team and its partner keeps bearing fruit in the form of more unique, technological, and user-convenient solutions incorporated into the tour booking application. To date, we’re working on the app internationalization and broadening the sightseeing tour providers database.

Tour booking app


The well-adjusted in-house processes coupled with the extensive domain expertise of the project team allowed us to launch the online tour booking system within the preset deadlines. A range of the tasks implemented during the development process included:

  • Incorporation of bonus-based tour review and rating options.
  • Development of a convenient personal account space for booking status, online payments, and user activity monitoring.
  • Generation of a multi-parameter filter for convenient route planning.
  • Incorporation of a built-in chat for prompt customer servicing.
  • Integration of high-quality media content resolution and interactive 3D route maps.
Modsen-designed online sightseeing and tour booking platform has been successfully operating in the European market for 1.5 years and showing outstanding results driving our partner’s business forward.


increased user engagement rate due to tapping into the Chinese tourist potential

inclusion into

top 15

travel and hospitality apps in AppStore ratings


yearly revenue growth compared to the previous financial year

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