Migration of an online trading education platform

Trading education platform


Transfer of an online im.academy platform from Perl to ASP.NET Core.


Analysis of the existing Perl code according to the requirements, identification of functions, and code transferring to ASP.NET Core.

Tech stack

ASP.NET Core 7.0, Razor, Dapper, MySQL, JavaScript, Perl.


Our partner is an American company providing online trading education services. Annually tens of thousands of clients and users employ their app to take up courses in various academies within the platform, broadening their outlook and trading expertise.


It was essential for the client to perform code migration of the existing online platform from Perl programming language to ASP.NET Core 7.0 swiftly and efficiently.
Modsen team encompasses quite a number of engineers with extensive experience in coping with similar tasks so it didn’t take long until we identified the client’s needs and launched the process of migration.

The key goal implied:

  • migration of web pages written using Perl and Template in C# (ASP.NET Core 7.0) and Razor;
  • migration of cron jobs developed using Perl in C#;
  • elaboration of the existing platform functionality;
  • improvement of the app’s UI.


As our team faced tight deadlines, the migration process had to be launched without delay, having thought out all the necessary steps promptly and effectively.
We provided our client with the most experienced senior-level engineers to tackle this specific task in the shortest possible time. During the cooperation we managed to:

  • migrate the pre-built authorization features, reports, rosters, and cards (clients, deals, certificates, tasks, notifications);
  • identify and specify the app's functionality transferred from Perl to ASP.NET Core 7.0;
  • migrate functionality for .tmpl-pages with modules written in Perl; transfer cron jobs - development of modules encapsulating logic;
  • write documentation for cron jobs;
  • carry out a full-scale test to check performance and fix bugs before the app release.
Platform interface


We made it to the deadline, having carried out high-quality project migration. Currently, we’re discussing further platform adjustments to the platform with our client and will soon be scaling the app developed earlier.

Our partner identified the most important results of the first-time cooperation with Modsen team:

  • significant improvement of the online-platform performance;
  • enhancement of the quality parameters of user behavior by 41%;
  • increased target audience coverage and order funnel improvement.

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