Truck Booking And monitoring Platform

Logistics platform
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A platform that allows clients to book trucks online and monitor the shipment process in real-time.

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An integrated robust system of truck booking that informs of freight status and location in real-time.

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Tech Stack

React-Native, JavaScript, NodeJS, SAP, Share Point, React.


A European logistics company that provides complex services of organizing freight shipment with the use of all types of freight mobility following the regulations and standards. The company's priority development plans are directed at EU countries.


As the client`s business grew, they had to measure and process bigger volumes of data. The number of trucks rented to third parties was growing, which complicated auto park management without a functional logistics solution. At this point, there appeared a need for an individual system of truck booking and monitoring. The client made it essential for the future product to include:

  • Online booking that allows renting an auto park and control car condition and location;
  • Incorporation of fuel control function for cost optimization;
  • A booking system that ensures the possibility of proper control over auto park condition;
  • Efficient and accurate GPS systems for freight tracking in real-time;
  • Fast and easy-to-use app with an intuitive interface.
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We had a detailed discussion of the client's issue and technical task. After a few opening meet-ups, we prepared initial documents on the project, drafted a development plan, and proceeded to the software development for our client.

Step-by-step competent product development and progress discussion at the checkpoints of project realization allowed us to build indispensable solutions for the logistics industry:

  • Creation of Java Script calendar for online truck booking;
  • Informing a client of the booking status with the help of app notifications;
  • Real-time tracking of freight status and location;
  • GPS control of fuel consumption, identification of ways to reduce fuel consumption;
  • Productivity and efficiency control of shipment process, providing visual interactive reports;
  • User-friendly sign up in the app with the possibility to edit the entered data.


The client points out that the new online system has facilitated truck booking and freight and truck monitoring. The truck booking app helped to:

  • Improve user satisfaction;
  • Quality monitoring of the client's auto park condition;
  • Fuel consumption optimization;
  • Real-time monitoring of relevant information.

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