Earned wage access platform

Wage access platform


Integration of new business clients into the platform and functionality scaling.


Insertion of new logic into ETL pipeline, development, and elaboration of the app intuitive interfaces.

Tech stack

ASP.Net Core, Angular, Redis, AWS S3, Azure, EF Core, Quartz, RestSharp.


Our partner is an American company providing services on EWA solutions for multi-scale businesses in the USA. Their clients encompass both companies and individuals.


Our client company was planning a big renovation of the existing platform. To that end, it was necessary to integrate specialists with extensive experience in the development of functional software that could handle large amounts of data. We assembled a project team that was aimed at augmenting our partner’s IT department and had to cope with the following tasks:

  • integration of new business client into the platform (insertion of new code into ETL pipeline, reading of API clients’ documentation with a view to further integration, writing of documentation for a new integration)
  • adding of new automated functionality for planning stop payments
  • carrying our investigations to improve the app’s performance
  • communication with certain business-clients and clarification of the requirements for successful integration
  • adjustment and adding of new elements into the app’s interface
  • documentation writing


Modsen specialists promptly integrated into the process of task solving. Within 2 weeks after the 1st contact we managed to launch the active phase of full-scale project development.

By conducting expert assessment, discussing the implementation of effective tools for cost-optimization, and proposing tried-and-tested solutions our project team successfully coped with the following challenges:

  • adding and adjustment of logic in the app’s codebase and provision of test coverage for the scaled functionality
  • incorporation of new components and introduction of changes into the app interface using Angular
  • making adjustments to Azure services
  • analysis and reading of business-clients documentation and its writing for the new app functionality
  • legacy code refactoring
Full-scale project development


The platform with renewed functionality has already been functioning successfully for a couple of months. As a part of the cooperation, Modsen developers support our client, forecast business scaling, plan adjustments, and development of new apps for our partner.

As for the completed project, there’re points essential to be noted:

  • new functionality for stop payments planning (used instead of manual checking of date for stopping the payments for a certain company)
  • over 8 integration of new business clients
  • changes in the portal interface: new menus, buttons, features
  • other changes: code refactoring, fixed bugs, various documentation for new functionality and improvement of the app performance

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