Adtech Software Development

A high-end team of dedicated AdTech engineers will identify your growth points and boost marketing investments’ profitability. Modsen developers have streamlined and structured the AdTech project development process to be able to build top-notch products that reinforce businesses.

Adtech Software Development

AdTech Software Development Services

Top-tier Modsen AdTech experts have dozens of multi-format projects under their belts. We’ll develop a robust custom product from scratch or strengthen the expertise of your in-house team.

Software development consultation

Individual consultation

Our team will provide the necessary AdTech consulting services to analyze each of your steps on the lead acquisition funnel and explore new additional data usage possibilities for more efficient user interaction. You’ll get access to top-notch methods of digital ad management.

Team augmentation

In-house team augmentation

Our AdTech project outsourcing experience will strengthen your internal product development skills. Tackle the issue of unique tech expertise scarcity by incorporating dedicated Modsen engineers into the process. We’ll help you introduce quality augmentation within a week, providing guarantees of the future team's high performance.

AdTech product

Custom AdTech product development

Get access to a full-scale team able to develop top-notch quality programmatic advertising solutions from scratch. Together we’ll build software capable of boosting sales, attracting new clients, and effectively launching countless advertising and marketing campaigns on various platforms.

Quick AdTech development facts

A variety of tech companies, big brands, and ambitious startups rely on Modsen AdTech experts to incorporate custom marketing and advertising technologies.

15+ successfully implemented projects

AdTech engineers

Engineers with 10+ years of AdTech experience

Business industries

Digital products for 10+ business industries

100% deadline compliance

Software development deadline

Joining projects within 1 week

Development team selection

Team selection under CTO supervision

AdTech Software Development Solutions

We’ll help you develop a product that will simplify targeting setup and ad management as a whole. Regardless of the project development stage and process quality, Modsen will find an optimal solution to ensure your audience retention.

Programmatic advertising

The smartest ecosystem for automated ad purchasing and placement. Using DSP and SSP systems coupled with the AdExchange tool you can show your ads to users via smart auction. We’ll help optimize your budget and analyze audiences’ efficiency.

Integration of AdTech tools

Useful and innovative AdTech tools can be easily incorporated into your current marketing software. Modsen engineers can align all the suitable marketing and online ad platforms to streamline the involvement of the target audience in your brand. We’ll also make use of additional analytical tools to attract potential customers.


The agility of an ad campaign depends on swift and high-quality hypothesis checking, while agility itself determines the efficiency of ad placement. A/B testing will allow you to see which campaigns are more effective and what audiences are more relevant for you.

CRM development

Build your own secure and scalable software for managing ad campaigns, monitoring their efficiency analytics, and optimizing marketing expenses. Get all the detailed information on marketing and advertising processes to be able to qualitatively monitor the promotion of your products.

Real-time data analytics

Incorporated business analytics solutions will provide you with vital information about user behavior and purchasing power. We’ll incorporate or build customizable info panels according to your target requirements to streamline the decision-making and eliminate inefficient budget spending.

Client data platforms

Merge all the information into a single user profile. You’ll get access to the place with structured data about your audience collected from integrated and in-house sources. Our specialists are ready to help you analyze clients watching your ads on any type of device across multiple digital channels. Personal features, activity indicators, transactional data, involvement, and reactions to marketing campaigns - all the data will be at your fingertip.

Modsen guarantee

Apart from setting ambitious goals and taking on challenges together with our partners, we assume responsibility for achieving the required results. Within the framework of AdTech development services Modsen guarantees:

Single interface

Single interface

Hiring Modsen AdTech specialists, you won’t have to figure out how to deal with the interface and functionality of each separate app since we’ll apply cohesive design and structure to all the ad platforms, allowing you to monitor the necessary user data easily, promptly, and effectively.

Maximization of profits

Maximization of profits

Our AdTech software outsourcing team will help you improve target audience segmentation to be able to show more relevant ads. We’ll also create conditions for traffic qualification and key parameters setup to make traffic segments more attractive for your clients.

Data security

Data security

We ensure the safety of sensitive user, product, and service data. You’ll be able to monitor and control accounts by securely providing various access levels to your managers.

Additional expertise

Additional expertise

Apart from enjoying AdTech app development skills, our team can significantly boost your advertising experience. Augmented reality and blockchain technologies will make your product stand out on the market.

Unique experience

Unique experience

We can proudly say that as an AdTech solutions provider, Modsen has gathered the best advertising technology engineers under its roof. They’ve gained experience by developing multi-scale projects, test-proving, and exploring a variety of tools and unique solutions that are destined to make your product more efficient and profitable.

Clean code

Clean code

When developing a product, we put the interests of our clients first. It’s important for us that you can support and scale your apps without our involvement. The architecture and quality of Modsen-developed code allow your in-house team to deal with it easily.

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Big data automation

Big data processing and automation

Development budget allocation

Rational budget allocation

App architecture

Scalable app architecture

High development profitability

High profitability based on expanded attribution through channels

User retention

High level of user retention due to marketing personalization

AI and ML-based solutions

AI and ML-based solutions

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