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For people locked indoors during the pandemic, video games became an inseparable part of life, bringing joy and distraction from the chaos in the outer world. For that very reason, the gamedev industry has seen unprecedented market growth that doesn’t seem to slow down in the years to come. By 2025 the value of the gaming domain will reach $256.97 billion expanding its audience coverage to 3.5 billion people. Tapping into this goldmine, gamedev companies strain the muscle of their in-house teams, trying to create top-notch gaming experiences. What stops them from succeeding and why do internal teams appear inefficient in tackling challenges that pop up during the game development process? We’ve got the answers.

Why in-house gamedev fails

Why in-house gamedev fails

The demand for external software development is growing not without a reason. In terms of gamedev, embarking an internal team on the end-to-end process of video game creation is full of pocket-emptying risks. Here are the most crucial ones.

Insufficiency of out-of-the-box ideas

One of the key reasons for failing games is lack of innovation, creativity, and fun. Although your in-house team might be highly expertised in gamedev, the pace and frequency at which new games have to be released to stay afloat gives no room for creative recharging and can easily lead to being caught up within the circle of similar ideas, styles, and logics.

Pocket-draining experience

It’s in no way an exaggeration to say that in-house game development costs a small fortune. Keeping overheads down is a major challenge when opting for building a team of at least 10 experienced professionals and equipping them technically. Let alone the costs of training newcomers who might not appear a perfect match for your project and be responsible for additional error-related expenses.

Tight deadlines

Successful game development is one that strictly follows the strategy and solves any emerging problems promptly without sacrificing time and pushing forward the deadline dates. It might seem obvious but if you face a challenge requiring additional expertise your in-house specialists do not enjoy, finding the required talents on the spot is nothing short of nearly impossible.

High team cohesion dependency

Project strategy adherence and deadline compliance are in direct correlation with the quality of the team at your disposal. Newly-assembled teams are much less capable of producing top-tier results as it takes time to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses to be able to complement them for the benefit of the gamedev project. Building a team from the ground up sounds solid but in reality, it might not be the best solution if you’re targeted at conquering the gaming industry.

Gamedev outsourcing at Modsen

Gamedev outsourcing at Modsen

With a major surge in the video gaming industry demand, outsourcing has become the key prerequisite for successful issue-free next-gen game development. Staying in the gamedev loop for quite a bit of time, our company has built a solid framework that runs like clockwork offering an array of benefits to those who are willing to ensure the long bright future of their gaming company.

Strict schedule compliance

We value time as much as you do and for that reason, our project teams are highly dependable in terms of deadline compliance. Years of experience in the gaming industry allow us to foresee any challenges and avert their emergence. But if they do appear, we’ve got enough skill and expertise to tackle them as quickly as possible.


Rigid rules and limits are not what we cultivate at Modsen. When deciding on the scale and composition of the game development outsourcing team, mind that your choice of any specialist or the size of the project team can be altered according to your needs and preferences.

Ready-made top-tier team

From the outset, we’ve bet on skilled senior-level experts and strong in-house processes to deliver exceptional software development to our partners across a variety of industries. Now we have a pool of talented specialists who can add value to any of your gaming projects whether it is mobile, console, PC, unreal, or other types of game development.


Hiring permanent gamedev professionals costs a lot. Compiling a great cohesive team that would nail gaming projects one by one takes time. If you’re looking to save both valuable resources, tapping into Modsen software development outsourcing services would be the best idea.


Handling the whole game development process on your own is challenging especially if you’re tight on deadlines and don’t have a solid team of experienced specialists who will have your back in case of emergency. Our team is ready to ensure your sleeping sound by assuming all the risks.

Fresh ideas generation

Over the years, we’ve helped build all kinds of video games for multi-scale companies, collecting valuable insights and storing great ideas for our future gaming projects. By cooperating with a variety of clients, our project teams can generate new game design ideas, concepts, and solutions on the spot, adding even more uniqueness to your product.

Modsen Designer

Modsen Design Studio UI/UX specialists have extensive experience in developing incredible, unique game interfaces that combine functionality and aesthetics, making the gaming experience more engaging, enjoyable, and convenient for end user.”

Marina A.

UI/UX designer at Modsen

Cutting-edge tech stack

The gaming industry is all about employing the newest technologies that are almost always pocket-emptying. Turning to Modsen, you’ll be able to leverage top-tier tech stack for developing new-gen games for your customers without challenging your budget.

The final thought

Gamedev is one of the most rapidly growing industries, opening up immense business opportunities for those who develop a competitive edge to stay out of the crowd. To date, outsourcing is by far the best way to make the most of gamedev without sacrificing extra resources and exposing yourself to uncontrollable risks. Entrust game development outsourcing to Modsen - we know how to make it work perfectly.

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