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Modsen team is ready to develop a wide feature capacity network to cater to diverse audiences and platform types. We build high-end social platforms, including social networking software, that gather the right kind of users and help you achieve your business goals.

Social networking software

Social Networking Development Services

Depending on the format of our interaction, we’ll build a team of specialists experienced in social networking development, ready to implement your individual requirements and goals into a custom product.

Pre-development consultation

Pre-development consultation

We’ll assess the existing processes and analyze tasks and issues that can be improved, refined, and automated. Our team will guide you through the key solutions and tools that can make your business enter a new level.

In-house team augmentation

In-house team augmentation

Our social networking software engineers will qualitatively strengthen your project with unique development expertise. We guarantee swift in-house integration and unmatched performance of Modsen specialists.

Custom product development

Custom product development

We know how to form a strong team of senior-level developers with extensive experience in building social networking apps of various kinds. Our top-notch will launch your project promptly and successfully, complying with all the KPIs and deadlines.

Social Networking Development Types

Our social network app developers can fulfill any of your project ideas regardless of their type and scale, including large-scale social networking platforms and narrow-audience social networks.

Broad networks development

Broad networks

Modsen developer engineers can perfectly handle large-scale social networking platforms that bring together vast numbers of users and highlight a multitude of common interests, linkages, implemented tasks, and pursued goals.

Niche Social Media development

Niche Social Media

We are equally good at building narrow-audience social networks, including educational social networks and informational social networks, that link people with specific fields of interest and serve particular aims.

Social network Dev Stack

Any social networking platform has to meet modern user demands. In order to develop a quality application, we make use of the following tech features and tools.

Notifications Image


Payment Systems Image

Payment Systems

Integration with Social Networks

Integration with Social Networks

Analytics Image


Database Image


Voice Image

Voice Interfaces

Live Video streaming

Live Video streaming

Online reviews

Online reviews

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News Image

News Feed

Chat Image


Deferred Reading

Deferred Reading

Social Networks we Build

Modsen keeps in step with the latest social networking trends, providing its clients with a long list of software development solutions we are able to handle perfectly.

Corporate Resources

We know how to develop tools that facilitate product or service sales. Such custom software incorporation is sure to improve your company image and stimulate customer loyalty increase.

Corporate resources development

Educational Social Networks

The education industry is becoming increasingly innovative, and Modsen’s social network software engineers offer high-end educational solutions that provide students and educators with all the necessary features and quick access to study materials.

Educational social networks

Professional platforms

A convenient way to streamline cooperation between various business representatives. As a social network software development company, we know how to build an effective and responsive online platform that will contribute to fast work issues solving and convenient conference or interview holding. This type of platform can also conduct brand, product, and service data search.

Professional social media platforms

Informational Social Networks

If you plan to build a network to enable your customers to share information, find answers to their questions, publish feedback, hear our expert opinions, and get informed about promotions and other news - we are ready to dive in and help you out. Our skilled developers and designers will create an intuitive and user-friendly informational social network that meets all your business needs.

Informational social networks

Dating Resources

Informal dating has become a real trend. The development of a social network designed to help people find their other halves is a great idea for custom app building with Modsen.

Dating resources

Media-Sharing Platforms

The unique user content-sharing trend definitely needs more quality platforms to be developed. Our team of social network app developers is ready to meet the challenge and build a new viral media-sharing platform.

Media-Sharing platforms

Social Networking project development with Modsen

Our team carefully thinks through every minor detail of the social media project development to ensure the final product is efficient for the client and convenient for the end-user.

Product Flexibility

The growth of your social networking platform will make you think of scaling. Our team always keeps that in mind while developing your product.

Intuitive Interface

Social networks are a huge part of users’ daily life. Modsen UI/UX designers will turn your app into a place with a great vibe and interface.

App Efficiency

The app has to be swift, functional, and highly productive. We know how to ensure such product characteristics due to quality expertise and broad social networking platform experience.

On-Point Design

Operational convenience is one of the key elements of an application’s success. We are experts in designing social media platforms with intuitive user interfaces that make it easy and convenient for customers to use.

Data Safety

User data safety and confidentiality are crucial to gain audience loyalty and keep the platform afloat. Modsen will find ways to make your customers feel safe and protected.


Give your social media users the content they are looking for by utilising customer behavior algorithms and relevant content selection mechanisms available at Modsen.

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