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Uncovering the Upcoming Front-end Trends of 2023

In the era of visual content dominance, when it takes a user only about 0.05 seconds to form a first impression of your website, the ultimate significance of front-end development can’t be stressed enough. Can you imagine that regardless of how great your back-end is, 75% of business’ credibility-related judgements rely solely on the design of your landing page? Or could you ever think that 94% of first impressions your website makes are totally design related? We bet you’ve had some clue about this eye-opening statistics and that’s why tried to give you a glimpse into the forthcoming front-end software development trends that are bound to make your UI an impeccable one.

High-quality front-end development benefits

Front-end development benefits

Apart from being the direct embodiment of your company’s brand, website design architecture and front-end as a whole determine the future of your business and you certainly do not want to overlook that. Here are a couple of good reasons to invest in top-notch front-and development and make sure nothing will stop you from succeeding.

Boosted user retention and conversion rates

One of most obvious and desired front-end advantages, or rather inevitable consequences of its proper implementation, is a sharp increase in the percentage of customers who use your product and keep coming back for it over and over again. It’s natural for people to stick to places that look and feel good, which is also beneficial for customers as it eliminates the need to spend time trying other websites in search of certain products or services. The stats say that a well-designed user interface can boost conversion rates by over 200%. The figures speak for themselves - front-end is the key to your business success.

Steamlined performance

Almost 89% of potential clients tend turn to competitors if they don’t like the aesthetics and UX of the website page they landed on. Thus, impeccable UI/UX directly affects your business profits. How so? Firstly, it is because of higher user retention and conversion rates we’ve discussed above. Secondly, top-noch quality front-end solutions result in significant lowering of custom churn figures, which consequently lead to better sales and improved business performance.

The stats say that a well-designed user interface can boost conversion rates by over 200%.

Brand consistency

Today we can make use of a great variety of channels through which our products or services can reach the potential client. They vary from a simple social media account to full-fledged company website, and the more channels you run, the more emphasis you should put on brand cohesion. By aligning your online-presence outlets using particular branding design elements, you can expect up to 33% revenue rise. With quality front-end, businesses can build eye-catching digital products that speak for the brand and create its unique consistent identity.

Best front-end frameworks to go for in 2023

Front-end frameworks

The year of 2022 marked a decade of JavaScript being the most popular coding language among developers and businesses worldwide, which means that JS frameworks are sure to top the list of 2023 front-end trends. So here’s the “fantastic four” of UI/UX development to stick to in the upcoming year.


According to State of frontend report 2022, React dominates the hearts of 76% of responders, overriding its JS-family competitors almost by half. The framework is a flagship of quality, security, and dynamics, ensuring unmatched front-end performance.

Value for clients

React is loved by such corporate giants as Netflix, Tesla, PayPal, Walmart and a whole lot of others for a reason. It allows businesses to build single-page native-like cross-platform web applications and PWAs that look impeccable and run smoothly across all platforms and devices. Clear and readable code makes is quick, effortless, and cost-effective to introduce any front-end changes, while version control ensures that outdated code doesn’t contradict with app updates. The framework is a perfect match for those looking to build dynamic, responsive, eye-catching and affordable user interfaces in the shortest time possible.

Almost 89% of potential clients tend turn to competitors if they don’t like the aesthetics and UX of the website page they landed on.


The runner-up JS framework is used to create universal applications due to server and client side rendering. Among its numerous benefits we can name enhanced SEO, strengthened security and almost lightning-fast app launch.

Value for clients

Next.js is an ultimate choice for large-size businesses seeking to develop solid, swift, and secure static web apps with beautiful responsive layouts. Apart from quick app deployment, the framework is known for providing unmatched app performance rates and streamlined page loading time. A variety of pre-built features like default image optimization, internationalization, and visual analytics extend the scope of app opportunities. To evaluate the front-end capacity of Next.js, just tap yourTik-Tok app or visit Hulu platform. Looks encouraging, doesn’t it?


The third most promising front-end technology, loved by millions of developers and businesses for its agile nature, simplicity, lightweight packages, and an array of APIs ready to solve multi-size tasks. Vue.js is said to be gaining momentum in the years to come, confidently increasing the number of its followers.

Value for clients

While front-end developers praise Vue.js for versatility and ease of use, business owners pay tribute to its exceptional performance, scalability and cutting-edge user interface design solutions. The framework successfully integrates with a variety of third-parties, extending its capacity to allow for the development of multi-scale web and mobile applications regardless of their complexity. Adobe, Grammarly, Gitlab and a bunch of other business giants go for Vue.js as their key component for flawless front-end.

By aligning your online-presence outlets using particular branding design elements, you can expect up to 33% of revenue rise.


Winding up our list of 2023 front-end trends, Angular has proved itself as a highly reliable, flexible, and powerful framework for developing large-scale applications of all kinds. The technology is also widely renowned for high performance and real-time synchronization due to two-way data binding.

Value for clients

If you are looking for a front-end tool for building customizable cross-pltaform apps with almost unlimited development opportunities, full Google support and dynamic front-end - settle for Angular. Although it takes the 4th place in the State of frontend 2022 rating, Angular has got some unique benefits other JS frameworks lack. For starters, it’s a platform, not just a framework, and that’s why it enjoys wider front-end development opportunities, bringing to life fast-to-deploy, robust, dynamic, and interactive web applications. Such industry leaders as Forbes, IBM and PayPal choose Angular over other font-end technologies to ensure their continuous success.

Modsen expert advice

Having built dozens of state-of-the-art user interfaces that boosted our partners’ business performance, attracted new audiences and converted leads into permanent clients, we understand that high-quality front-end development is the task that requires extensive experience and profound expertise of engineers you are going to entrust your project to. At Modsen you’ll be guided through the front-end building journey by a high-end team of experts aware of the trends and capable of their proper implementation.

The final thought

Front-end development is not just about a beautiful picture people see landing on your website page. It’s more about the vibe, ambience, and message you try to convey using on-point UI/UX tools. Schedule your individual consultation with our experts to develop heart-and-mind winning front-end solutions and turn your business into a success story.

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