DevOps services


The speed of software delivery is of no less importance than the quality of the development process. Hire Modsen DevOps engineers to accelerate the deployment and delivery of your apps, regardless of their complexity.


Years-long experience of our in-house certified DevOps engineers allows them to connect to projects swiftly and effectively at any stage of their development. We will fix all defects and qualitatively improve the delivery process regardless of the ongoing project implementation phase.

Strategy building

Modsen experts identify weak spots and develop a comprehensive plan for their elimination using cutting-edge solutions. Get a detailed DevOps strategy that will uphold your project from the inside and boost its productivity.

DevOps implementation

Our project team will show you how to benefit from the best DevOps strategies by integrating top-notch automation practices. Launch your highly productive pipeline ready to develop quality software.

Integration of DevOps solutions

Incorporate the finest solutions and practices into the workflow. We will easily adjust to your requirements and employ the most effective DevOps tooling tailor-made for dealing with your major tasks.

Modsen DevOps services key-facts

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Only senior DevOps engineers


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DevOps tooling



AWS, GCP, Azure


Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Github Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCI, Azure DevOps, AWS CodeCommit

Infrastructure as Code

Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Google Cloud Deployment Manager


Kubernetes, Rancher

Modsen DevOps solutions

Providing DevOps services, we guarantee premium-quality software development and streamlined project implementation. Boost the efficiency of your business processes and fine-tune their performance with Modsen.

Bug fixing

DevOps Modsen engineers will suggest solutions targeted at code error correction, remove infrastructure flaws, and avoid potential major problems in the future.

Infrastructure management

Our specialists will free up more of your time for business development, assuming full responsibility for infrastructure management. Entrust all your apps, tools, and day-to-day operations to the team of Modsen professionals.

Uninterrupted service delivery

We guarantee a high-quality seamless DevOps implementation process. Our team will evaluate the risks and deal with any unexpected obstacles that might appear. Get an effective fully operational response system to tackle any possible changes.

Integration of development processes

Built a well-coordinated chain of processes. We’ll connect all the responsible teams and ensure their coherent actions. A single production body that performs the tasks promptly and properly will be at your disposal.

Development monitoring and control

DevOps engineers carry out qualitative monitoring of technical and business indicators. As a result, you’ll get a transparent picture of relevant processes. Monitor the performance and eliminate risks of possible errors.

Introducing DevOps to Your Business

A thoughtful approach to DevOps framework integration decreases the work cycle duration and streamlines deployment rates. Our team has developed the impeccable phased product incorporation process that helps our clients implement any project regardless of its scale and business industry.

DevOps stage 1


We will define and describe all the app features, monitor every stage of the work process, keep delayed tasks logs, watch and point out errors, and manage the whole product development.

DevOps stage 3


Our software development engineers consistently deploy apps in working environments and adjust the fully manageable basic infrastructure.

DevOps stage 2


The process includes code writing, testing, and integration. Modsen team will automate operations and initiate small-step iterations using auto-testing and uninterrupted integration.

DevOps stage 4


We provide complete service coverage. The ongoing monitoring allows our team to identify errors before they influence the quality of your customer service.

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Improve the agility of the project development process and get a competitive advantage due to the improvement of your customer services.

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Favourable terms of DevOps services delivery

We focus on creating comfortable and mutually beneficial cooperation terms. Our top priority is to ensure a high return on investments, KPI implementation, and deadline compliance.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology

At Modsen, the development process is based on effective Scrum and Kanban practices. Our dedicated project teams are highly motivated to work productively to ensure the premium quality of your software.

Clean code

Clean code

Your product will be built on top of clear and understandable code, which makes further app support much simpler. We guarantee post-launch assistance in product scaling, updating, and improvement.

Convenient development monitoring

Convenient monitoring

We focus on an individual approach when it comes to project team supervision. Our team will suggest the most convenient tools for monitoring Modsen engineers’ productivity and take into account your preferences regarding the cause.

Relevant experience

Relevant experience

Hire a team of DevOps specialists enjoying extensive experience in the development of projects similar to yours. Modsen experts will delve into your processes, evaluate the tasks, and suggest the most effective solutions.


100% ROI

We integrate both cutting-edge and tried-and-tested solutions that make the development process more cost-effective. As a result, the final product brings value to your business and justifies all the resources spent.

Corporate culture and philosophy

Shared corporate culture and philosophy

Modsen DevOps team will immerse into your project to help you achieve your business goals. Tech skills coupled with adherence to your corporate values and principles result in a seamless cooperation process.

Uncover the full potential of DevOps optimization

New IT-infrastructure

Streamlined development of new IT-infrastructure

Bug fixing

Minimum time spent on updating and bug fixing

High-quality software testing

High-quality testing due to process automation

optimization In-house balance

Cultural and communicative in-house balance

Internal cohesion

Internal cohesion and absence of cooperation obstacles

Сlear workflow structure

Shared operating environment and clear workflow structure