IOT Software Development

Imagine you were able to unite all the elements of your business, monitor its processes in real-time, and make informed decisions backed with in-depth analysis of a large amount of easily available data. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all! Hire Modsen IoT software development outsource experts to make your boldest ideas into reality.

IOT Software Development

IoT Software Development Solutions

The incorporation of IoT solutions uncovers immense business opportunities. By introducing the technology competently and prudently, significant resource optimization is guaranteed. Let us help you choose the most suitable IoT outsourcing solution.

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Pre-development consultation

After a thorough analysis of your ideas, we’ll suggest possible IoT project development strategies, define the scope of work, and plan the resources for its implementation. Get the maximum benefits from the IoT potential for your business guided by Modsen engineers.

IoT team augmentation

IoT project team augmentation

Regardless of the quantity of lacking human resources, we’ll provide you with relevant specialists capable of quick and seamless integration into your project development team at any of its stages. Our CTO will personally select the developer engineers you require and allow you to test their expertise before the hire.

Custom software development

Custom software development

We build a full range of apps, starting from small startup-scale ones to multifunctional IoT corporate platforms for industrial businesses. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in developing various types of projects and we’ll be glad to apply it to benefit your custom IoT solution.

IoT Development Tech Stack

To unfold the full IoT potential you’ll require a team with a wide and varied tech stack. Developing a smart digital project with Modsen you’ll get access to the latest top-tier IoT technologies.

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Azure IoT

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IoT development services

Modsen presents an extensive array of services to cater to any tech requirements our clients could put forward.

Custom Application Development

You can manage all the inter-device integrations and keep business data at hand using a smart user interface developed by Modsen.

Third-party integrations

We’ll work through the details of your future IoT product integration with the key corporate systems and connect CRM, DMS, ERP, and WMS taking into account all the necessary user APIs.

IoT data analytics

Process and analyze IoT data, and have it visualized and demonstrated via the convenient user interface. Look into your data to be able to make efficient business decisions.

Healthcare apps

Advanced smart devices and technologies enable us to monitor patients’ conditions remotely in real time. Don’t miss a chance to protect your customers by introducing IoT healthcare solutions.

Supply chain management

Monitor your products online and control the number of your supplies, supervise storage conditions, and automate order and delivery processes.

IoT platforms

Merge the data from various IoT products in one place. We’ll not only help you build the process of data storing and integration but also its transfer to other devices. Visualize and control all the IoT indicators properly.
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Schedule an individual consultation

We`ll be glad to discuss plans and ideas on your business development in person. Make use of Modsen specialists` expertise and experience free of charge.

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Modsen Partnership Benefits

IoT solutions are closely interconnected with unifying various internal business processes. The approach doesn’t tolerate any minute details, meaning that the your outsource IoT service vendor has to ensure the quality of each product development stage. Modsen guarantees:

Data security

Data security

The tools we employ while developing a software product ensure the full-scale security of your corporate data. Unauthorized access during confidential data transfer between devices is impossible.

Prototyping and design

Prototyping and design

We prefer to assess and test the viability of the idea before the final decision on the IoT project launch. Before diving into the full-fledged development process, we review the basic features and product implementation details.

Quick product launch

The project development pace will comply with the previously discussed deadlines. We prevent any delays from happening. The project launch takes place within 1 week. Hands-on control, KPI compliance, team performance reports - all of these are available for you in real time.

High-quality code

High-quality code

Modsen pays special attention to process structuring and app code documenting. We ensure regular checks, module code testing as well as compliance with all the app architecture requirements.

Agile approaches

We keep the team’s performance level and app development progress transparent and fully controllable. The competently-built communication between the project participants helps us avoid misinterpretations and obstacles that could affect deadline and KPI compliance.

Instrumental experience in IoT software development

Instrumental experience in IoT software development

Developing a high-quality IoT solution from scratch is not an easy task. Launching a project without sufficient expertise is a massive waste of time. Turning to Modsen engineers will save a significant amount of your resources due to availability of highly-qualified experienced IoT engineers.

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Develop a relevant IoT solution for your business industry

Healthcare IoT software


  • remote health condition monitoring
  • optimization of processes and schedules
  • maintenance of comfortable conditions in the wards

Enterprise IoT software


  • resource optimization
  • product quality control
  • assurance of the manufacturing process security
  • monitoring and management of the equipment

Logistic IoT software


  • means of transportation tracking
  • route optimization
  • supply management

Agriculture IoT software


  • weather conditions monitoring
  • waste reduction
  • harvest data analysis
  • monitoring of soil condition, humidity, light, temperature

Smart home IoT

Smart home

  • efficient energy consumption
  • remote home management
  • facility data analytics

Retail IoT software


  • customer experience examination
  • product supply monitoring
  • retail space traffic monitoring

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