Business processes optimization and profitability improvement are the main aspects to keep in mind while developing a software product. Modsen team will help you build the app that will effectively manage logistical processes from steady feedstock storage supply to product delivery to the end-user.

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Custom Logistics and
Transport Solutions

Logistic Data Accuracy

Data Accuracy

The software performs complex calculations, saving your business data from transfer errors. Our engineers’ team can build an app that will ensure your business processes security, cut petrol consumption costs and improve transportation performance.

Logistic Integration


Software products that can be easily integrated into the current platforms such as ERP, CRM, or E-commerce ones, are viable with Modsen tech stack and expertise.

Logistic Custom App Development

Custom App Development

Whatever messed or complex your logistic processes may be, there’s nothing that could frighten our developer team off. Extensive industry expertise and software development experience enable us to address a challenge of any scale and build a custom app according to your requirements.

Logistics Software
Development Services

Modsen provides a range of services to improve your business
productivity and streamline its core logistical processes.

EPR Development


Logistical data circulates inside a single software system, providing a client with a full picture of business processes, including procurement, finances, warehouses, and delivery.

Cargo Tracking


In the app, you will be able to monitor the vehicles, plan routes, manage the carriers and assess the productivity of their work. Our developer engineers team will build a custom software product to cater to any vehicle type.

Third-Party Service Integration

Third-Party Service

Seamless third-party logistic services integration is a strategic source of competitive advantages. We know how to avoid disjointed management of business functions and processes, improving the company’s daily workflow.

Loading Management

Loading Management

Track cargoes in real-time, optimize transit shipments, monitor the fleet, and other logistical equipment.

Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning

Our team can create a software system that will ensure accurate shipment scheduling, carry out all the preparation processes, and set the vehicles’ work order as well as cargo handling scheme.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Transparency of stock control enables our clients to track cargo movements, warehouse supply, manage loading and unloading, and optimize production capacity.

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Logistics And Transport Tech

Modsen developer engineers’ team enjoys expert knowledge of production processes and has an extensive math and engineering skillset. Mixed with high-tech expertise, such background enables us to create unlimited software solutions and build apps of any scale and level of complexity.

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Top Logistics Software Development Company

Software Project
Development Benefits

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Service Choice

Modsen provides its customers with a wide range of services to choose from. You can select a high-end developer team to build a software product or scale up your in-house team with our IT specialists to improve the current project or create a new one from scratch following the client’s requests.

Process Transparency and Flexibility

Process Transparency and Flexibility

Time and cost estimations are made in advance and shared with a client. Our team will keep you updated about the development process by sending interim reports and making the necessary project adjustments.



Modsen has no limits in software products building. We will help both a large-sized logistical enterprise and a small-scale delivery service. Any challenge will be accepted regardless of the business industry or vehicle type.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

Modsen software applications enable you to monitor all the shipment processes in real-time and use reliable reporting and safety features.

Investment Benefits

Investment Benefits

Custom-developed solutions make it possible to identify risks and losses more effectively. Accurate monitoring, management, and data analysis enable you to enhance business processes and increase corporate profitability.

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Tech Support

We always take care of our clients after the app launch. Either it is an expert consultation or product scaling, we are here to continue our partnership.

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