Valentine's chocolates

Love in the world of technology: celebrating Valentine's Day at Modsen

Did you know that February 14th is not only Valentine's Day but also First Computer Day? On February 14, 1946, the first truly operational electronic computer, ENIAC I (Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator), was demonstrated to the scientific community and all interested parties. 

So what happens when you combine love and technology? You get the Modsen IT team, who are fascinated by the latest technologies and take pride in their work! 

That is why we decided to take this date seriously and make Valentine's Day special. 

Valentine's Day photo zone

The festive atmosphere was set by an adorable photo zone that filled the entire office with a love vibe. 

Modsen Valentine's Day photo zone

To keep the mood high, we enjoyed delicious desserts and participated in team-building activities. 

Valentine's Day candy

To share love and gratitude within the team, we organized a Valentine's card exchange. Each employee had the opportunity to write sincere wishes to a colleague and send them to specially prepared mailboxes. 

Modsen Valentine's Day chocolates

We created a poster that transformed into an exceptional chance for each of us to express our sincere love and gratitude to our wonderful team. This poster has become not just a decorative element in our office but a true symbol of unity, understanding, and support, reminding us of the importance of valuing and respecting each other in our work. 

Modsen Valentine's cards

This day showed that our company values not only technical skills but also mutual understanding, creativity, and team spirit. It was wonderful to spend this time together, share experiences, and inspire each other for new achievements! 

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