Modsen New Year corporate party

Modsen New Yearcorporate party

Following a sweet tradition, in December 2022 our team came together to sum up the results of the year and have a bright winter retreat at Modsen corporate party. Last year the preparation for the event was marked by a challenging but pleasant task - finding a suitable place that could accommodate our big tight-knit team.


Yes, the previous year was remarkable for us because of one fact - our team has grown immensely! We've opened up an array of departments, developed several new service domains, and more than 100 professionals joined our team in 2022 to work toward a single goal together with our company.

Modsen team

It’s nice to mention that new members fall in line with the team not only regarding their professional skills but also in the way they rock at Modsen parties. That night was full of laughter, smiles, and drive.

Modsen engineers

We know that we’re lucky to have such a team and to move together in the right direction. Dozens of shining eyes, charismatic personalities, and simply kind, dedicated people who love their job gathered last year under Modsen's roof.

Modsen developers

We thank our clients for their trust and partnership, our colleagues - for devotion, professionalism, and engagement, and all of our partners - for contributing to the development of the IT industry as a whole.

Corporate party

Inspired, full of energy and confidence, we’re rushing into 2023 to use the power of technology to make our world more convenient and businesses - more technological. Thank you for sticking with us and let’s go forward together.

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