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Navigating the Job Market: Modsen Shares Opportunities and Insights with Engineering Students

Modsen team has recently organized a meeting with second and third-year students from engineering departments to discuss internship and job opportunities at our company. During the presentation, Modsen's training and internship managers explained the latest software development trends and unveiled the requirements and opportunities for young engineers in the Central European region. Among the participants were students, teachers, and educational department employees. The meeting was highlighted with an interactive quiz and prize gifting for the most active participants.


Three engineering graduates were invited to share their experience of studying technologies, job search, internship experience, and tips for the successful combination of education and internship/work.

Modsen interns

During the meeting, Modsen HR managers introduced the traineeship programs offered by our company, touching upon the key requirements, rules, and opportunities available for students who choose to join Modsen. The HR managers also shared their personal experience in hiring and training interns at the company, emphasizing the value of having hands-on training experience for students and fresh out of university engineers.

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