Modsen team building


The modern shapers of our future have celebrated their day around the world. Of course, there’s no chance that Modsen will miss this opportunity to have a real party cherishing our outstanding team of devoted programmers. They are working hard and deserve a rest even harder.

VR games

So we’ve decided not to go too far from technologies, but vice versa taste the experience of modern entertainment. And what could be more fresh than virtual reality? That’s why Modsen organized VR club sessions in several towns so that all of us could get a closer look beyond the veil of reality.

Modsen VR team

Some of us have already experienced VR, but the majority were eager to try this out. And to our surprise, it turned out perfectly, yet strikingly physical. Shooting with a bow, gracious moves alongside upbeat music, and adrenaline rushing through our hearts to snatch a victory in a shooter game – that was something to remember! And of course, no way to keep up the same momentum without having a proper snack.

Software developers

As our funtime was coming to an end, the desire to keep going was surpassing to say goodbye. We once again have forged strong bonds between our departments, but the blazes of glory were solely dedicated to Modsen blacksmiths of our future and harbingers of innovations. Once again, Modsen congratulates each developer with Programmer’s day and wish to create more and advance even further!

VR games

They are the true well-seasoned professionals facing challenges and breaking through hardships just to make your dreams come true. They are the developers you can trust!

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