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Arranging time on Modsen first autumn speaking club

Sometimes combining business with pleasure is just the right way to stay determined and focused. So did our team, as we traditionally gathered on September 8 in our office to sustain our fluency in English. As the time came for us to start, we began our practice by discussing time management topic.

Time management discussion

Nothing else can withstand the importance of proper arrangement of your schedule and avoiding all distractions. With utter enthusiasm, we delved into the very depths of this topic while learning advanced vocabulary and practicing our both colloquial and professional aspects of the language.

Time management topic

It was a friendly rivalry of the most closely-tight teams with a purpose of not winning, but being better and keeping up with our standards. We’ve worked so hard and gone so far with learning new ways of managing our precious time. And let us say, in the end, it mattered.

Time management techniques

As our speaking activities were finished, we nailed down the success with a tense, yet breathtaking match of the Werewolf game. Not only did it raise our competitive spirit for future challenges, but also brought us even closer as one team.

And that will be the right team you can trust for curbing the potential of progress and staying ahead of the curve!

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