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Overcoming language barriers: insights from a travel-themed English speaking club meeting

Would you like to attend an event that would make you feel confident while traveling and communicating in English?  

If your answer is "yes," you would definitely enjoy our last English speaking club meeting, as the theme was all about traveling.

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By participating in a variety of activities such as games, discussions, group tasks, and other interactive exercises, the club members not only improved their vocabulary but also overcame language barriers effectively. 

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They no longer have to rely on a translator to make purchases, order in a café, or ask for directions when traveling abroad. Every participant left the meeting with a wealth of new vocabulary and improved language skills. 

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Just imagine the excitement and satisfaction that comes with coordinating these engaging meetings. Natalia, an English teacher at Modsen, expressed that for her, the speaking club serves as a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow coworkers, share educational insights, exchange diverse perspectives, dive deep into trending topics, continuously learn and explore fresh ideas, and most importantly, relish the rewarding experience of interacting with a captivating group of individuals. 

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The speaking club is merely one of the ways through which employees can enhance their skills at Modsen. With a diverse range of events on offer, there is something for everyone to lean into for personal and professional development. The ongoing advancement of each team member is an integral component that we simply cannot envision our team operating without. 

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So, if you're looking to broaden your language skills and connect with others in a meaningful way, the English speaking club at Modsen is the place to be. Join our team and embark on a journey of learning and growth! 

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