Modsen company English speaking club

Exploring thought-provoking films: a glimpse into our English speaking club

How Modsen employees make Friday evening both useful and enjoyable? They attend our English speaking club!

English speaking club participants

Recently we met to discuss the thought-provoking film "The Social Network". The meeting was not only a great way to unwind after a long week but also an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and explore the impact of social networks in today's society. 

Modsen team

The film sparked animated conversations among the participants, who explored the movie's intricate themes and characters. They discussed friendship dynamics, betrayal, and the ethical impact of technology, sharing their thoughts on how social media platforms shape interactions and relationships. 

Modsen software engineers

Beyond the engaging in in-depth discussions, employees actively completed a myriad of tasks aimed at consolidating newly acquired vocabulary. 

Modsen English teacher

The English speaking club provides a special mix of learning and fun by integrating intellectual challenges with language practice, creating an enjoyable and beneficial experience for everyone involved. 

Modsen English lessons

Stay tuned for our next cinematic adventure as we continue to delve into thought-provoking films and practice English to perfection.

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