Building an
E-Commerce Website
for a Large

Building an E-Commerce Website for a Large Electronic Retailer


Helping a large electronics retailer expand their business to the online marketplace.


Custom development of a scalable and user-friendly e-commerce platform ready to handle future growth and expansion.

Tech stack

.NET Core, Azure, PostgreSQL, CosmosDB, Reddis, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, React, JS, HTML, CSS.


It was a pivotal moment for a large electronics retailer in Eastern Europe. They had an ambitious goal - to expand their business to the online marketplace and reach more customers. But there was a problem: their current website was outdated and unable to meet the growing demand. The online store suffered from poor user experience and slow performance, hindering sales and leaving them at risk of falling behind their competitors. Feeling the pressure to act fast, they turned to Modsen, a custom software development company with a proven track record of delivering successful e-commerce projects. The stakes were high, but Modsen was up for the challenge. With a dedicated team of engineers and a thorough understanding of the retailer’s needs, they set out to develop a custom e-commerce site that could handle a wide range of products, from electronics to home appliances, furniture, clothing, and more.


The client had complex requirements, and Modsen eagerly embraced the opportunity to tackle the development. The team knew that their expertise in building e-commerce sites could make a significant impact on the retailer’s business. The project was time-sensitive, and Modsen had to work within a tight deadline to deliver a fully-functional e-commerce site that met the client’s expectations.
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UI/UX designer
Software engineers
Business analyst
Modsen team

Behind the scenes: Our Approach to
E-Commerce Development

The development process of the e-commerce site was a meticulous one, as Modsen followed a tried and tested custom software development approach. The project was split into several steps, starting from the initiation of the project and culminating in the closing stage. Each phase contained its specific objectives and tasks to accomplish, ensuring a seamless development process. Here’s a rundown of some of the major steps taken by Modsen when developing an online shopping platform for electronics retailer.

1 Initiation

To kick off the project, Modsen formed a dedicated team consisting of a project manager, a business analyst, a UI/UX designer, software engineers, and QA testers. They carefully analysed the project requirements, set up communication channels, and established clear deadlines and budget constraints to enable a smooth and effective workflow.
Software project initiation

2 Discovery

As the project moved into the discovery phase, Modsen engaged in a deep exploration of the client’s business, delving into the intricacies of their operations, their target audience, and the competitive landscape. The team conducted extensive market research, including analysis of consumer trends, online user behavior, and competitor sites. They also visited some of the client’s brick-and-mortar electronics stores to gain a firsthand understanding of the customer experience and identify areas for improvement. In addition, Modsen facilitated several collaborative workshops with the client to clarify business requirements, define user personas, and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for the new e-commerce website. The designers presented quick sketches and mockups to explore different design concepts and get early feedback from stakeholders. The team used this information to create a detailed product backlog and roadmap, outlining the development milestones and timelines. Through this process, Modsen was able to ensure that the new electronic retail shopping platform would meet the client’s needs and deliver a superior customer experience.
Software project discovery

3 Planning

Our team approached the planning phase of the e-commerce site development process with a focus on detail and precision. They created a comprehensive blueprint that accounted for every aspect, from initial wireframes to final deployment. Each feature was broken down into individual milestones and deliverables, and timelines were set for design, development, testing, and deployment. As a result, the project was properly structured and organised, which ultimately led to a smoother development process and a more significant outcomes.
Software project planning

4 Development


After the project entered the development phase, Modsen knew they needed to build a robust infrastructure to support the e-commerce site. The developers harnessed the power of Git providing seamless collaboration among team members, while also leveraging the versatility of Microsoft Azure for cloud hosting. Additionally, there were implemented a comprehensive CI/CD pipeline with code analyser systems to ensure the software’s quality and efficiency.

Architecture Design:

Modsen took great care in developing an architecture design that would deliver the highest level of performance which is a must-have for a thriving electronics e-tailer. The team used an array of advanced technologies including .net core, Azure, PostgreSQL, CosmosDB, Reddis, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, React, JS, HTML, and CSS, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. The team took pride in creating an intuitive and visually pleasing interface that would draw in customers and keep them engaged.

Agile Approach:

Throughout the development process, Modsen followed Agile methodology to deliver timely and cost-effective results. The team worked in two-week sprints with a focus on rapid iteration and continuous improvement, allowing for prompt identification and resolution of potential issues. As a result, workflows were more efficient, and the final product was of higher quality.

QA and Stabilisation:

With a meticulous approach, Modsen conducted extensive testing across various levels of online electronics store development to identify and address any potential issues. They also incorporated both manual and automated testing methods to ensure that every feature of the e-commerce platform was thoroughly examined.
To additionally guarantee its dependability and efficiency, the team implemented stabilisation processes, including load and stress testing to provide a robust web store able to handle heavy user traffic and extreme conditions without any disruptions - everyday reality for a successful e-tailer website, right?

Efficient Deployment:

Following Agile methodology, Modsen executed the software deployment process in a swift and efficient manner. The team ensured that the digital storefront for electronics retailer was deployed seamlessly and with minimal disruptions, providing a flawless and hassle-free experience for the end user.

Regular Showcasing:

To guarantee that the client’s expectations were met at every stage, Modsen regularly showcased the latest features and functionalities of the software, keeping the client fully informed and involved throughout the development process.

Third-Party Audit and Certification:

Modsen ensured that the e-commerce site met the highest standards of security and technology by undergoing third-party audits and receiving certification, including PCI DSS compliance for secure payment processing, GDPR compliance for data protection, and ISO/IEC 27001 certification for information security management. These measures gave the client and their customers peace of mind, confirming the high quatity of the final product.

Client Involvement:

Further to the above, the project’s success story owes much to the closely-knit partnership with the client. Throughout the online electronics store development, we maintained continuous communication with the customer and engaged them in the acceptance testing phase. Their feedback was crucial in shaping the final product, which we customised to meet their exact needs and requirements. This collaborative approach fostered a highly successful outcome, exceeding all expectations.
Product cards

5 Closing

Finally, Modsen successfully launched the e-commerce site into production, providing the client with a high-quality, fully-functional platform that met their needs and requirements. The team delivered the final code, technical and business analyst documents, and a comprehensive user guide to facilitate seamless product adoption and usage.


The successful launch of the e-commerce site resulted in a significant increase in the client’s online revenue. Within the first month, the site had attracted over 10,000 unique visitors, with a conversion rate of 9%. By the end of the first quarter, the site had generated over $500,000 in revenue, with a steady growth rate of 20% month-over-month. The client also reported a significant improvement in their brand image, with customers praising the site’s user-friendly interface and secure checkout process. The success of the project can be attributed to Modsen’s cutting-edge technologies and commitment to continuous maintenance and support, resulting in a seamless and reliable online shopping experience for consumers across Eastern Europe.


unique visitors within the first month


A conversion rate


Month-over-month growth rate in revenue

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