Data management software development for an agricultural holding

Data management software
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Difficulty in business scaling and development due to manual data processing and storing.

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A unified system of collecting, analyzing, and monitoring the existing data.

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Tech stack

Cloud, React, Java.


Our partner is an American chain of farms dealing with livestock, cultivation of grain, and other crops. The farm has been actively developing in recent years. Currently, the business owns 5 fully functioning farms under its brand.


At a certain point of development, our client faced major constraints in business scaling. The amount of production-related data grew, making its collection, processing, and analysis more complex without the use of a single technological software.

We had a challenging task ahead of us that encompassed:

  • Monitoring the workflow and all the data in real-time
  • Remote task assignment and control over their implementation
  • Building app functionality for all workflow participants and gathering every team member on a single platform
  • Quick access to required data with accurate indicators and calculations
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Modsen project team examined our client’s workflow processes, business culture, and general strategy on further scaling. Having drafted the development plan and the necessary functionality of the future software, we launched the project which coped with the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of the workflow at various farms from the office; prompt response to emerging issues and their quick adjustment
  • Task planning and assignment through the software. An employee can look through a specific work plan for a period while the employer monitors the performance and checks interim and final results
  • Unification of all the work tasks in a single system; interconnection between participants of the process; more convenient and quick communication during the implementation of joint operations
  • Creation of visual project and task reports of any kind with accurate calculations of the existing data
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The project was launched successfully and paved the way for long-term cooperation with our partner who has a stable demand for business scaling and elaboration of the developed software. The application allowed our client to:

  • Improve performance in all areas due to accessibility, accuracy, and quality data analytics
  • Expand the functionality of services and launch an effective process of agricultural holdings scaling
  • Exceed the current plans on business indicators, increasing the company’s revenue over the reporting period
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