Erp software for chemical enterprise

ERP software
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A large enterprise numbering 5 000+ employees requested automation and facilitation of its business processes.

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ERP software with a wide range of functional modules integrated into one database.

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Tech stack

Java Spring, Java, Angular, Oracle, Web.


A manufacturing company that produces polyamide and polyester yarns, fibers, and composite materials based on polyamide. The leading chemical company in its region that cooperates with clients across the globe.


The client felt an urgent need to automate the company’s internal processes and improve the quality of work and staff productivity. The company was looking for novel and effective tech solutions to maintain growth rates that had been increasing in past years. The client put forward the following requirements for the future ERP:

  • A possibility for signing up and processing large volumes of production data
  • Building effective and timely contract management that is adapted for partners from different countries and regions
  • Accounting and billing system
  • Forecasting features and high level of product customization
  • System agility and scalability, maintenance of its operating condition
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After an in-depth discussion of the project, the client’s goals and the analysis of their production process, we realized that implementing an off-the-shelf solution would be ineffective.

Thus, the project presupposed building custom ERP from scratch along with integrating some effective software for large enterprises.

At the development stage, the Modsen team leveraged a suitable top-notch tech stack to make leading-edge software that is easy to scale up and modernize.

The key features of the ERP software were as follows:

  • Sign up and processing of large volumes of data entering the enterprise system
  • Management of contracts, with the possibility of simultaneous changes to all client-specific contracts
  • A wide scope for accounting and invoicing, including the imposition of tariffs on specified parameters
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple processes
  • Sales management: clients, suppliers, carriers
  • Enhanced planning and forecasting capabilities
Custom ERP


ERP combines numerous business processes, making information easily accessible to different enterprise departments.

Currently, our team is providing product technical support. It was quickly and smoothly implemented, and is helping achieve the client’s ambitious goals at the moment:

  • a surge in the enterprise’s revenue thanks to growth in sales and facilitated transaction process
  • improved work quality, which is facilitated by the availability of information and more convenient control over staff performance
  • reduced costs on extra operations and optimized operational processes

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