ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturing Company

ERP Software
ERP Software


High-capacity automation and facilitation of enterprise-size business processes.


Development of an enterprise resource planning system with a wide range of functional modules integrated into a single database.

Tech stack

Java Spring, Java, Angular, Oracle, Web.


Our client is a renowned Scandinavian cosmetic manufacturing enterprise with over 5,000 employees. With the view to maximize their business processes management potential, improve inefficiencies, and streamline internal productivity, the client requested the development of a top-tier quality cloud ERP solution.

ERP Software


The extension of the product line, emergence of new departments, and complication of internal processes induced our partner to look for ways to optimize and upgrade the current business management architecture. The development of a custom ERP for chemical manufacturing appeared to be the most effective tech solution for the challenge and the client turned to Modsen, putting forward the following requirements for the future application:

  • A possibility for signing up and processing large volumes of production data
  • Building effective and timely contract management that is adapted for partners from different countries and regions
  • Development of an accounting and billing system
  • System agility and scalability
  • Planning, scheduling, and forecasting module development
  • GHS and SDS compliance monitoring



Project Manager


Business Analyst


Team Lead


Software Developers


Quality Assurance Testers

ERP Software team

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

ERP software is a set of integrated apps and modules for the effective management of key company business processes. To ensure the development of a high-performance ERP solution that would change the way the business operates from within, we started off by collecting relevant data about the partner company available online and by holding several meetups with its in-house specialists. Our team looked carefully into the essence of the challenge and documented all the requirements, insights, and requests to be fulfilled during the latter stages of the software development process.


On the basis of the document prepared in the previous phase, the project manager in cooperation with the rest of the team outlines the comprehensive project development strategy, including key deadline setting, resource, and task allocation.

Planning appears to be one of the most crucial steps when it comes to the software development process as its inaccurate scheduling will inevitably result in failed deadlines, overspending, and general hustle associated with them.

Modsen team adheres to Agile methodologies when planning and managing software development projects to ensure their smooth and issue-free delivery. As soon as the detailed plan of the ERP application was ready, we submitted it to the partner and got down to work upon its approval.

Team assembly

Our company has tried and tested various forms of client engagement in the project team assembly process and worked out an impeccable strategy that combines a hands-on approach and transparency with expertise which shows great results without fail.

Since major software development concerns are centered around the company’s ability to be an active part of the venture and influence the way it is being developed, our team has ensured the client’s opportunity to select the project team members by conducting interviews and tests, verifying competence and checking experience in the relevant business industry. This process is always supervised by the CTO who enjoys in-depth information about each of Modsen specialists and can advise particular experts for the benefit of the project.


ERP for chemical manufacturing is a complex multifunctional system aimed at automating business processes and bringing the internal workflow to the next level. Design solutions, for their part, play a pivotal role in ensuring the convenience of use of the ERP system and allow companies to uncover the maximum potential of the app. Having relevant experience in designing enterprise resource planning software solutions, Modsen Design Studio specialists accounted for the peculiarities of chemical ERP system development and followed through the respective stages:

  • UX research
  • UX strategy building
  • Wireframing
  • Visual design
  • Testing

As a result, over 35 wireframes were built to ensure the navigability and logical flow of the future application.


Dedication to delivering top-tier quality software solutions induces us to look for the best technological options that would help our partners achieve their business goals. To develop a large-scale chemical ERP system we turned to Java Spring, Java, Angular, Oracle, and Web.

Driven by a strong desire to improve the final product, our team of project developers generated several ideas on how to optimize certain required features and successfully integrated them into the app, doubling its utility for the company’s benefit.

Comprehensive testing

The importance of quality assurance testing can hardly be overestimated. That’s why we always focus on implementing various testing types and scenarios. For comprehensive ERP system quality verification, Modsen specialists implemented:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Scalability Testing

The testing cycle ends with transferring the identified bugs and inefficiencies back to the developer team for correction.


As soon as the chemical ERP system was polished, our team prepared it for the transfer together with the documentation and user guidelines. Integration of new software into a company’s workflow requires both time and expert help which is always provided by Modsen specialists to ensure our partner would make the most out of the application we’ve customly developed for them.


Our team is targeted at a long-term partnership with our clients which means that we keep in touch with products we had built and strive to improve them over time to bring extra value to businesses through quality scaling, updating, and advancing their Modsen-developed software solutions. To ensure further improvement of the ERP system for chemical manufacturing company, our team continued to service it on a free-of-charge basis during the first 3 months after deployment and now, a year after the launch, we are working on the app scaling and bringing it to the next level of efficiency.

Development process


As a result of the fruitful cooperation between Modsen team and our partner, a robust high-efficiency enterprise resource planning system was brought to life. The key features of the software included:

  • Ability to process large volumes of data entering the enterprise system
  • Management of contracts, with the possibility of simultaneous changes to client-specific contracts
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple processes
  • Improved sales management
  • Enhanced planning and forecasting capabilities

Translated into figures, the outcomes of integration of the ERP solution into our partner’s workflow look the following way:


surge in yearly enterprise revenue


reduced costs on redundant operations


more accurate data-driven insights

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