Intranet Software Development for Home Appliance Manufacturing Company

Intranet software developmentIntranet software developmentIntranet software development
Intranet software developmentIntranet software development


Inefficient in-house document and business processes management due to the absence of an intranet portal for data exchange.


Development of a custom intranet software solution.

Tech stack

.NET JS, Angular, MS SQL.


Our client is a large-scale South-Asian home appliance manufacturer encompassing over 10 000 employees. The company provides millions of customers with a wide range of products and has a broad network of service centers worldwide.

Enterprise software solution


With the opening of several new home appliance shops, adding new product categories, and expanding the number of employees, our client faced the challenge of documentation management inefficiency due to the low speed of approval and business processes. The former corporate software equipment and resources used within the company were unable to handle the increased volume of data. Thus, our client turned to Modsen seeking to build an internal online platform that could streamline document management, automate business processes, and optimize the completion of issue-prone manual tasks. The client’s requirements for the platform encompassed:

  • Added social functions for communication between employees on both formal and informal matters;
  • Full document management, easy-to-use search for corporate standards, acts, contracts, etc.;
  • A feature for tracking the status of documents in the process of signing;
  • A complete database of employee contacts, and ways of contacting them outside of the online portal;
  • Sections with general info on events, news, and other data related to the company’s in-house life;
  • Fast and convenient document search.



Developer engineers


UI/UX specialists


Quality assurance testers


Business analyst


Project manager

Enterprise software engineer

Development process

Requirements gathering and processing

Driven by a strong desire to deliver high-capacity effective software solutions, we always start off by collecting as much information as possible about the type, functionality, goals, and specificity of the future application. Having conducted 2 online consultations, our team drafted the initial part of the software documentation to be completed during the following phases.

Discovery Phase

Apart from gaining the details about the required software itself, we also focus on the company and carry out our own research to be able to put ourselves in our partner’s shoes and see the challenge from their perspective. The discovery phase allows us to get first-hand information from company employees, their insights and current struggles the software is required to address. It also enabled our specialists to come up with ideas for boosting the effectiveness of the future intranet system and cutting its cost by omitting redundant functions and tools.


When the versatile data was ready to be compiled into a single document, outlining the scope of the work, project duration, the required tech stack, human and financial resources, as well as KPIs, Modsen team specialists got down to planning – one of the most essential phases of the software development process. Accurate process planning ensures timely product launch and coordinated work of all the experts involved, which ensures top-tier software quality. To finish off the pre-development stage and finally embark on cracking the code, our BA and PM in close cooperation with CTO and other specialists drafted up a product development strategy and prepared the finalized project documentation to be approved by the client.

Team assembly

At Modsen we believe that there’s no better way to assemble a perfect tailor-made team for a project than assigning this task to a CTO who can see the full picture of the upcoming project and of the professional capacity of each tech employee. To develop a functional, top-notch quality intranet portal, Modsen CTO picked 3 developer engineers with the best command of .NET JS, Angular, and MS SQL, 2 quality assurance testers having relevant experience in testing intranet software systems, 1 business analyst, and 1 project manager.

Sticking to the approach of CTO-compiled project teams, we do not exclude our clients from the process but encourage them to have a final say, interview, or test our team members to make sure their project is in the right professional hands.


The development of the corporate software portal that will be used by 10,000 employees requires the implementation of well-thought-through design solutions and a focus on navigability, convenience, and understandable functionality. The work of the 2 Modsen Design Studio UI/UX specialists familiar with the peculiarities of intranet portal development was divided into several stages:

  • UX research
  • UX strategy building
  • Wireframing
  • Visual design
  • Testing

As a result, over 30 wireframes were built to ensure smooth, visually pleasing, and quick system navigation for hustle-free implementation of day-to-day tasks.


Our team puts great emphasis on the employment of cutting-edge tools and technologies capable of solving complex requests in a more efficient and cost-effective way. To develop a robust multifunctional intranet software system for corporate use, Modsen engineers went for .NET JS, Angular, and MS SQL as a perfect trio for matching the requirements for the future product.

Comprehensive testing

To ensure the highest quality of the software products under development, our in-house QA testers combined manual and automated test scenarios that allowed us to identify minor code flaws and fix them timely.


Moving toward the end of the software development process comes integration which implies the transfer of the code, user guidelines, and documentation to the client. Apart from that, Modsen project engineers provided full tech support in the in-house application launch and software functionality consulting.


Despite the finite nature of the project development process, software maintenance and improvement has to be continuous to keep the code quality and software relevance high. Modsen focuses on building long-term partnerships with our clients and provides 3 months of free-of-charge post-launch servicing and consulting to make sure the products we develop reach their full potential for the benefit of your business.


As a result of the close cooperation of Modsen professionals with our partner, we managed to build a robust, secure, and convenient corporate software system encompassing the following features:

  • A detailed map of the company’s internal processes – supply and personnel management, technical maintenance of workshops, industrial safety, etc.;
  • Full document management within the intranet portal. Users could send documents for approval, track their review status, and search for necessary acts, contracts, and standards;
  • A database containing employees’ contact information. The section included well-structured info on departments, offices, positions, and contact details of employees. In a company as large-scale as the client’s, immediate contact for solving work issues was a game-changer;
  • Social function – news, events, polls, exchanging ideas, employees’ birthdays, and in-house activities. Such information became available within the portal to keep employees in the loop about the company’s key events;
  • Electronic document archives contributed to fast information search by assisting in finding the sources for various work issue solutions;

To date, we’ve been supporting the client’s intranet system for 3 months and the results of the first after-launch quarter are already impressive.


increase in overall workflow productivity after the first 3 month


growth in employee corporate life engagement rate


faster solving of routine workflow issues

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