Monitoring of the crops processing and delivery

Software for delivery tracking


Lack of tracking of cargo delivery to the warehouse and monitoring of grain processing in the fields.


Development of software for delivery tracking and online monitoring of work in the field.

Tech stack

JavaScript, Node JS, C#, Database Management.


Our partner is an American agricultural holding dealing with a wide spectrum of crops. Their in-house team has been actively expanding and had already reached 100+ employees.


The client faced the need to develop software that would allow them to qualitatively organize and monitor the process of delivery of goods, identify blind spots in the established production system, and respond promptly to emerging issues during the working process. It was essential for our partner to launch the project implementation as quickly as possible since time loss would have a negative impact not solely on the quality of ongoing processes but also on further business scaling and development. The key tasks encompassed:

  • close integration between all the parties engaged in the delivery of goods; construction of a quality supply chain
  • online monitoring of work in the fields; prompt scaling of the supervised territory of expanding sowing areas
  • collecting data about emergency situations for submitting reports to insurance companies
  • collecting e-reports in a single place


The client sought to gain a team of engineers with sufficient experience in employing a similar set of tools for companies from the agricultural industry. Modsen team enjoyed the required expertise.

After an in-depth project analysis, planning, and elaboration of strategic processes, we got down to the development of custom software that was targeted at accomplishing the following business objectives:

  • Setting close integration, quality control, and fruitful cooperation between all the production process and goods delivery participants
  • Monitoring the workflow in real time. Route tracking, addressing emerging issues, and supervising the work online via a single platform
  • Collecting and storing accurate data in a unified system, report writing, effective data management, and structured report building for insurance companies in terms of compensation for losses caused by emergency situations
  • Automation of collection of analytical data and work reports after performing complex operations. Convenient data visualization and its simple use for further quality adjustments of the production process
Top-notch quality software


Our project team managed to accomplish develop top-notch quality software, incorporating several of their own ideas that helped to implement the necessary functionality more cost-effectively.

The client has already shared curious results of the software use which include:

  • Decrease of cargo losses estimated at tens of thousands of dollars due to quality supply chain monitoring
  • Increased amount of crops planted and land consumption expanded by 15% during the recent season
  • 100 % positive response rate from insurance companies

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