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Intranet portal
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Intranet portal for the education company to record and manage internal accreditation processes in various specialties during the terms of study.

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Alter the logics of microservices, create intuitive app interface.

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Tech stack

Angular12, Angular Material, SQL, .Net Core.


Our customer is a leading European company specializing in software development, e-learning courses, and IT courses. The client’s team provides a wide range of services in the field of IT education, engaging in the incorporation of promising cutting-edge systemic information solutions into businesses.


Our client identified problems in their business operations that required prompt assessment and search for the tools to resolve them. The problems specified by the client are the following ones:

  • Huge time expenses on the organization of educational process;
  • Tangible time and resource expenses on paperwork connected with recording syllabuses;
  • Complicated search and visual display of the information on syllabuses and their forms, courses, and specialties;
  • Create syllabuses, add and delete courses or curriculums;
  • Integrate the changes into the existing modules of the learning portal;
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A thorough study of the client’s desires, in-depth analysis, and research allowed us to come up with tailor-made ways of realizing them. This approach helped us automate and streamline internal business operations and, thereby, solve the customer’s problems.

  • Step-by-step development of user interface which allows for easy and quick control of learning process.
  • Development of a list of sophisticated tables that provide comprehensive information on syllabuses, their forms, newly-added plans and courses.
  • Performing quality caching and optimizing user queries.
  • Study of numerous front-end validations.


The Modsen team managed to successfully complete all the assigned tasks thanks to prompt decision-making, agile adaptation to changing development conditions, and wise and competent communication with the client’s team. As a result of the fruitful collaboration, the client’s benefits include:

  • Reduced workload for teaching staff thanks to the development of state-of-the-art user interface and automation of processes;
  • High-speed performance of the entire system and relatively low consumption of Internet traffic, without loss in the accuracy and relevance of the displayed data;
  • Eliminating extra inquiries on the server and presenting the opportunity for detailed feedback on a user’s data before it’s uploaded on the server;
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