Wireless sensors for a packaging company

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Monitoring of the quality of environmental parameters surrounding the packaging usage place.

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Installation and integration of wireless environmental parameters monitoring sensors.

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Tech stack

Azure IoT, Python, Java.


Our client is a large Asian company working in the field of food products packaging. The organization owns several factories that produce printing rolls and aluminum laminates used as packaging solutions in the food and consumer goods industry.


Our customer needs to ensure stringent control of the production environment quality in workshops, monitoring air temperature, gas concentration, humidity, etc. The company has to meet the standards regarding the safety of foodstuffs and hygiene. To cut the percentage of defective packages, it was essential to establish monitoring of the product manufacturing and storage using an app accessible to responsible and supervisory personnel of the company. What was vital to take into account while developing the software:

  • control of the preset parameters with the help of a single app
  • analysis of the parameters and data, compilation of reports over a certain period
  • forecasting of the indicators and capacity utilization according to the manufactured product type
  • cost optimization for electricity and effective use of resources involved in the production
  • integration of the software with other OSs of the company
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During the development of the project it was essential to carefully examine all the business processes, subtleties and details of the product manufacturing. The Modsen team worked in tight cooperation with the client at the stage of research and analysis of the existing processes, including requirements specified to them.

We managed to indicate the points for improving operations and distinguish those in need of automation. Our team also came up with a new logic for controlling product manufacturing after incorporating a new IoT app into the company routine.

Having introduced the new digital product, the production process was improved by:

  • monitoring of all the parameters in manufacturing in real-time with the help of a single app running both on desktop and mobile devices
  • a thorough analysis of the parameters from the sensors installed at the workshops on the basis of which a user can make changes in the settings of the production process
  • forecasting of the capacity utilization according to the complexity of the manufactured product with the help of online notifications and detailed reports available to app users
  • the in-app grouping of the settings under certain conditions and suggesting recommendations on adjustments and changes of the parameters with a view to optimize the use of resources
  • an agile app able to integrate into itself additional features, processes as well as third-party OSs required for high-quality product manufacturing
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To date, our client has fully integrated the new IoT solution into the production process. We helped the customer to adjust the application swiftly, and now our team is providing tech support for the software we have developed. The key advantages and results of the IoT app incorporation are:

  • a significant reduction of the percentage of defective packages
  • a decrease in energy resources costs used during the manufacturing process
  • improvement of the monitoring process quality and the speed at which prompt adjustments of the packaging production conditions can be made

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