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Our team of back-end software engineers will help you build a cohesive app architecture to improve the performance and effectiveness of your digital product. 7+ years of diverse back-end development experience encompassing the creation of complex protocols, libraries, and large-size components, will play a key role in building an impeccable server-side of your software.

Modsen backend services

Looking for a team of back-end developers enjoying unique expertise in the software design market? Hire top-notch experts with rare technical qualifications and advanced level of communicative skills at Modsen. One week - and your project development process is up and running.

In-house team augmentation

In-house team augmentation

Strengthen your project with the relevant expertise of our front-end and back-end engineers, enjoying extensive experience in the realization of similar projects and having a clear understanding of business processes in your industry. Exceptionally fast and cost-effective integration of experts is made possible with Modsen.

Custom software development

Custom software development

A dedicated team of back-end Modsen engineers will provide you with the necessary solutions adapted to your custom needs and requirements. Build the tailor-made internal infrastructure of your app from scratch; update, improve, and perfect your software server-side together with us.

Project development consultation

Project consultation and evaluation

Our back-end programming specialists will carry out a qualitative evaluation of your project and provide guidance on the selection of effective solutions. We’ll help plan each of your steps on the way to the development of a functional, robust, and secure software product.

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Modsen back-end stack


Node JS

Node technology makes it possible to add the back-end part to the front-end, creating not only websites but full-fledged browse-free apps. The architecture is carefully thought through to avoid scalability complications using Node.js.


Java presents an opportunity to test the product, try out the declarative programming style using Java annotations to shorten the app code length, and simplify product development and support.


The framework allows you to achieve exceptional app performance and streamline the development process without losing out on quality. Convenient architecture and clear code will make your software product agile and highly adaptive.


Python has been one of the most popular programming languages over the past several years. It features simple coding, convenient support, versatility, and scalability. It is a flexible, fast, and powerful tool available to everyone.


PHP is one of the key platform-independent general-purpose scripting languages for interactive and dynamic back-end web development, supported by all host providers. Build any kind of visually appealing and functional web application to boost your business performance.

Modsen Backend Development Solutions

Our back-end engineers have built a variety of multi-size projects for dozens of business industries, creating successful local and cloud-based server solutions for mobile and desktop web systems.

Back-end refactoring

We can redesign the back-end infrastructure of an app and improve its code without making any significant changes to the front-end side of the product.

Back-end for mobile apps

Our team has mastered the development of server-based apps for various devices and platforms. We will synchronize the data between several devices using rock-solid software infrastructure that includes creating secure backup copies of user data.

Back-end for web apps

We can ensure the round-the-clock high performance of your website and its stability even under heavy user traffic loads. Safe project implementation and the reliability of its back-end infrastructure are among our top priorities.

API and integration

Modsen engineers pay special attention to the thorough elaboration of documented and agile API to implement the most complex integrations with third-party services. You can be sure of your user data security by having access to useful information via several side channels.

Development of CRM systems

Our team knows how to improve your key business operations by qualitatively managing your in-house processes. Uncover the ways of the team’s performance optimization and watch your company take off.
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Modsen back-end development guarantees

Our extensive experience and high-quality expertise allow us to delve into new projects within a week, not to lose a single day when it comes to helping businesses grow and evolve. We ensure maximum performance, dedication, and engagement of our engineers to provide you with unmatched software products.

Full back-end cycle

Full back-end cycle

Modsen takes on the full cycle of back-end development implemented from scratch. Business analysis, active software building phase, and post-launch support are part and parcel of our services. On top of that, we can join your ongoing project at any stage and continue its effective development together.

End-to-end security

End-to-end security

Providing you with guaranteed user data protection is an indispensable part of our cooperation. Risk-free data transfer is ensured by the implementation of the newest safety protocols and by our expertise accumulated over the years.

Agile methodology

We monitor the performance of our team in real-time and exclude inefficient use of your resources. Modsen engineers are targeted at meeting the project KPIs and deadlines, upholding the transparent and seamless process of software development.

Clean code

Clean code

The clear and transparent code logic is vital not only during the implementation of back-end services. Further app scaling and efficient support are also reliant on code cleanliness. That’s why each of our projects is built on top-notch quality code.

Resource optimization

Diving into a new project, our engineers focus on the efficient use of time and resources to be able to develop solutions that will enhance your future app productivity and justify its investments.

Transparent monitoring

Transparent monitoring

We offer our partners to choose from several reliable means of the development process control and monitoring. You can inquire about interim results and introduce changes in real-time. Enjoy the ultimately agile process of cooperation with Modsen.

Proved back-end development expertise

Enjoy the full range of back-end development opportunities

Development testing

Development through testing

Agile process

Agile methodologies

Software security standards

High security standards

Back-end expertise

Unique Vue, Node, Java, .NET expertise

Certified senior-level developers

Certified senior-level specialists

Communicative skills

Advanced level of communicative skills

Ensure fortress-like resilience of your app’s back end

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