In-house team augmentation

Why CTO is the best recruiter, or reasons to pivot away from agency-based in-house team augmentation

We live in paradoxical times: while the percentage of well-educated people around the globe is as high as ever, in a couple of years, namely in 2030, the world will lack almost 85 million skilled and talented people urgently needed by multi-scale companies. The issue is here even today, with 45% of businesses already reporting that they face difficulties trying to find the missing expertise. How to fill in the talent gap and prevent your business from stalling? Let’s look for the answer together.

Recruiting agencies: good or evil

Recruiting agencies

The first thing that might pop up in your mind when thinking of ways to tackle the skill deficit is to turn to a recruiting agency. Such agencies provide you with several preselected candidates according to your requirements and then charge a fee for the service. They rightfully boast the speed of the hiring process and a wide pool of applicants to tap into. Sounds quite sensible until you look into the details.

Pocket-emptying service

Recruiting agencies obviously do not work on a pro bono basis. Their income consists of a certain percentage of the annual salaries of those candidates who had been hired. And it’s not a small sum, especially if we’re talking about highly-qualified employees. Besides, there’s always a considerable risk of mismatch which means that if you are not satisfied with the candidate’s performance, you’ll have to invest again in the search for another one. Mind-boggling fees for recruiting agencies' services can be also explained by the fact that it is their only source of revenue, in contrast to software development companies offering staff augmentation as a part of their main services.

Recruitment agencies in details

Not a perfect-fit story

The main problem of indirect hiring is the lack of communication and low level of interest in the company’s unique specificities, culture, goals, and values from the side of a recruiting agency which results in a low chance of hiring a person who’d seamlessly integrate into your existing in-house team. The key thing is that a lot of agencies do not really care about finding a perfect match since their revenue does not depend on it and they are not focused on long-term cooperation with your company.

Hands-off process

Indirect recruitment means that you and the candidate won’t communicate directly right until you agree to hire him or her. All the interviews and tests will be conducted by a third party and you have to be really sure about the agency’s methods of applicants’ competence verification. That level of trust is quite rare, especially given the statistics about the decline in indirect hiring efficiency compared to direct staffing solutions available today.

Outstaffing and its ultimate business benefits

Outstaffing benefits

The desire of companies to make the hiring process more efficient and productive gave birth to a variety of staffing models, among which outstaffing is justly considered as a most beneficial in-house team augmentation strategy. It implies that all the expertised specialists working permanently at one company can be temporarily hired by another employer to strengthen their internal team and bring some quality expertise to projects under development. The key advantage of outstaffing is that it covers all the cons of indirect recruitment and offers high-quality reliable and cost-effective hiring services.

Beneficial cooperation terms

In contrast to the price charged by recruiting agencies for their services with questionable outcomes, outstaffing offers flexible cost-effective solutions depending on the number of specialists, their qualifications, the type of project you’re developing, etc. Besides, some companies revise the project price on the basis of cooperation duration.

CTO-assembled team of experts

Chief technical officer is a person who is aware of the expertise, qualifications, experience, and opportunities of every employee better than anyone else. That’s why a team assembled personally by a company’s CTO for a certain project is destined to be a perfect fit for the hiring company. Outstaffing implies an individual approach to every partner which means that your in-house values and culture will not be overlooked and the integration of new team members is bound to be smooth and seamless.

Guaranteed top-notch results

It’s not only the close familiarity of the CTO with each expert and their skills but also the immediate responsibility for the outstaffing company’s brand reputation that secures impeccable results of your cooperation. Team augmentation vendors are always targeted at the long-term partnership beneficial for both parties.

Transparent hands-on process

Since outstaffing is a direct hiring model, there are no constraints on the level of your indulgence in the recruitment process. You can actively participate in the candidate selection, assess candidates based on your company’s internal criteria, or make any adjustments to the already functioning project team.

How we do it at Modsen

We’ve been providing in-house team augmentation services since the foundation of our company. Over the years, we’ve partnered up with dozens of clients from 25+ business domains gaining the necessary expertise to ensure the impeccable quality of our outstaffing services.

Swift hiring process

At Modsen we don’t waste time due to a well-structured cooperation strategy. 1 week - and your custom team of required professionals will dive into the project.

Double developer competence check

Apart from testing our specialists using Modsen-developed criteria, we also welcome further competence checks conducted by our partners to ensure they get exactly what they need.

Project progress monitoring

Transparent cooperation is essential to guarantee the success of our jointly developed project. Our client can freely monitor the performance of the external team and receive timely progress reports.

Cost optimization

We’re always targeted at optimizing the project development costs by suggesting out-of-the-box ideas and effective tools without compromising the quality of the future product.

Flexible team formation approach

Our team is against hard limits and inflexible terms. If you need to scale up the external team or reduce the number of specialists in it or replace some members - you’re always welcome to do so.

Free trial period

Entrusting your in-house team augmentation to a new vendor is always a risky thing. To assure you of the quality of our service we offer a free 15-day trial period during which you’ll see how outstaffing works at Modsen.

CTO-built teams

There’s no better recruiter than a company’s CTO. That’s why you can be sure that every external specialist integrated into your team had been preselected and tested personally by our chief technical officer.

Convenient communication

Here at Modsen we equally care about hard and soft skills our employees possess to ensure that the people you hire are responsive, productive, active, and highly responsible.

Qualified reserve resources

We are ready for any unpredictable situations. In case of emergency, you can always tap into the pool of our backup specialists ready to join your project without losing on its development time and quality.

Code quality

Modsen team is aimed at long-term partnership but in case you choose to support and scale your product yourself or in cooperation with another vendor, our clear high-quality code won’t create any difficulties.

To ensure the highest quality of our outstaffing service, we provide our partners with a range of extra guarantees:

  • insurance against factors out of your control

  • advanced level of English

  • high level of staff retention

  • project price revision on the basis of contract and cooperation duration

  • cooperation in accordance with your time zone

  • flexible team management approaches

Wrapping up

Outstaffing is by far the most convenient and effective hiring model available today. Over the years, Modsen has developed an impeccable team augmentation strategy that guarantees top-notch quality results for our clients and brings us long-term partners. Strengthen your expertise today to see a major business boost tomorrow.

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