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With the whole world shifting to the digital space at an increased pace after the pandemic, the cyberattack surface has expanded multiple times, outpacing human-scale abilities to tackle the issue and making cybersecurity one of the most rapidly developing domains of AI use. However, there’s still some kind of mystery around the technology considered to be a panacea against those 5,964,744 cyberattacks seen globally during an average day. To dispel the magic surrounding AI and uncover its practical capabilities beneficial for every business out there, Modsen team decided to shed some light on the topical AI-for-cybersecurity issue. So let’s dive right into it.

AI + cybersecurity = ?

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a major buzzword in the day-to-day vocabulary of both the general public and IT industry specialists operating some barely understandable new-fangled vocabulary which makes it impossible to comprehend the essence of the technology and have a clear picture of how AI can be leveraged by businesses in real life. In fact, artificial intelligence is an ability of a computer system to learn from the data it receives and from experience it gains over time, reaching a certain degree of autonomy in decision-making and in the performance of complex operations that considerably override human abilities in speed and efficiency. Today AI is leveraged by thousands of businesses of all possible industry backgrounds to solve issues that require quick, accurate, informed, forward-looking and effective actions to optimize and boost the performance of existing processes. Cybersecurity, for its part, is a set of tools that is aimed at preventing devices and computer systems from being exposed to cybercriminal threats presented by malicious software, individuals, and organizations with the view to gain access to valuable data and resources. AI has already proved its unprecedented efficiency by decreasing the cost of an average breach from $6.71M $2.90M for enterprises leveraging artificial intelligence to amplify cybersecurity. Another eye-opening fact in favor of AI is that 95% of all cybersecurity breaches result solely from human error. And to top our little fact list with a cherry, it takes approximately 280 days to identify and curb an attack without using automation. But how exactly AI helps prevent data leaks and what benefits does it offer to the cybersecurity domain?

AI x cybersecurity: the unbreakable bond


Artificial intelligence has brought a major revolution to the cybersecurity domain, making it more agile, adaptive, and prepared for new challenges. The technology has no limits in terms of its applicability and in a couple of years we’ll definitely expand the list of AI advantages for software protection presented below.

Streamlined threat identification

Without AI assistance threat hunt is a durable process that takes about 170 days without including the time for risk mitigation and recovery. AI-embedded software can skyrocket the speed of threat search and take it down to seconds, making incident response more effective and less costly.

Effective threat prediction

The greatest thing about AI security systems is that they can learn from past experience and predict previously unseen threats. If such a system is trained to identify and tackle a certain type of attack, it doesn’t mean that new kinds of threats will pass by untouched. AI capabilities allow it to react promptly to any type of attack even if it is identified as unknown.

Accurate breach prevention

As a well-known saying reads, prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure. AI systems are powerful not only in terms of immediate cyber attack curbing but also when it comes to in-depth analysis of the organization and its weak spots that are likely to be breached. The technology brings to the surface valuable insights into the state of security, allowing a company to see the gaps and patch them before a threat actor benefits from them.

Automated threat analysis

Quality threat analysis is a crucial part of breach prevention and tackling. AI-augmented security systems can look into the essence of various types of cyberattacks, identify means for their neutralization, and suggest adjustments to a company’s security architecture.

Quick big data handling

To identify a threat covered as normal user activity, the security system has to be able to process huge amounts of data and traffic. AI can cope with the task like no other. The capacity of the technology allows it to see suspicious action, invisible even to a trained cybersecurity expert, and act immediately to isolate the threat before it does any damage to the system.

Modsen CTO

Why worry about advanced-level security?

Advanced-level security

It might seem like a question with an obvious to-protect-data answer. But sometimes it’s essential to focus on something that simple to eliminate any doubt that might creep in before you make up your mind about integrating AI into your cybersecurity strategy. So what can be at risk if you choose to ignore advanced technologies?


The inability to catch up with the growing number of extremely sophisticated threat actors will inevitably result in substantial money losses and chaotic attempts to fix the issue with some temporal patches that won’t withstand the next attack. And here’s how the vicious circle closes.

Company brand

In today’s reality, the loss of a brand's credibility is worse than money loss. The image you’ve been building for years can be easily shattered if cybersecurity measures are insufficient to prevent your clients and yourself from being jeopardized and facing the consequences.

Customer trust

Imagine yourself purchasing a product or a service from your favorite brand and then hearing that your data and money have been stolen due to a security breach. The company might reimburse the money lost, but will your trust in the brand recover? That’s unlikely.

Wrapping up

AI in the cybersecurity combo has already proved its worthiness and it keeps gaining momentum seeing no hard limits. The time when advanced technologies were something “extra” for a business is now history as the level of modern threats won’t be tackled effectively by anything less than AI. Arm your software with cutting-edge technology to ensure your business’s long-term safety.

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