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Join us in extending a warm welcome to Dzmitry Grishanovich, our new head of .NET development and a true pioneer in the field. With his boundless enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to excellence, he is perfectly aligned with our approach to every project we jump in and will undoubtedly lead our team to new heights.

Tech background like no other

Dzmitry’s journey through the realm of technology is as unconventional as it is inspiring. Even now, a smile lights up his face as he recalls his audacious declaration during his third year at university. Driven by an unwavering determination to gain knowledge, he fearlessly proclaimed his readiness to work as a .NET developer without any expectation of financial compensation (because who needs money, right?). For four to five months, he immersed himself wholeheartedly in the world of .NET, honing his skills and expanding his technical repertoire. This invaluable experience shaped his perspective and fostered a deep respect for passionate specialists. Over the years, Dzmitry has accumulated a diverse portfolio of projects, encompassing both web and desktop applications connected to the .NET framework. Notably, he has devoted over 10 years to the industry, with 2.5 of those years spent at one of the largest IT companies in the region, further solidifying his expertise.

Resolute choice

What motivated Dzmitry to lead our .NET development team at Modsen? Well, at the core of his decision lies a profound yearning for intellectually stimulating challenges. But let him share his story.

Dzmitry Grishanovich
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Goals an objectives

Dzmitry has a clear vision for the future of the .NET development department at Modsen, covering aspirations for today and tomorrow. In the short term, he aims to seamlessly integrate into our existing processes, ensuring stability and continuity. Looking ahead, Dzmitry envisions expanding our department’s prospects by pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. Furthermore, he plans to facilitate our outsourcing initiatives, leveraging his unique perspective to foster innovation and establish valuable partnerships.

Fostering growth

Placing a strong emphasis on the importance of comprehensive knowledge in the .NET development domain, Dzmitry considers books as a reliable foundation for understanding complex concepts. To foster the professional growth of the team, he intends to expand structured learning roadmaps covering a diverse range of topics. These roadmaps will serve as clear guides, enabling Modsen’s experts to navigate their skill development and achieve mastery in specific areas of expertise. Furthermore, Dzmitry recognizes the pivotal role of effective communication in cultivating a culture of continuous learning. TechTalks and similar initiatives are part of his future plans.

Leadership style aligned with Modsen

Embodying Modsen’s core values, the leadership style Dzmitry brings is a refreshing departure from the norm, with a focus on directness, brevity, and honesty. He understands that a person’s motivation to work holds the key to success, and Dzmitry firmly believes that when his teammates are motivated, the rest will flow with ease. Inspired by the principles of Agile, he constantly seeks opportunities for improvement. Dzmitry’s quest for efficiency led him to glean invaluable insights from Charles Duhigg’s Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business, which continue to shape his leadership approach.

Beyond the office

The passion Dzmitry has for technology extends far beyond it. He embraces a dynamic lifestyle, enjoying activities like calisthenics and winter hockey. The tranquility of the forest provides him with a much-needed escape to clear his mind and find inner peace. Dzmitry has also taken a keen interest in the Wim Hof method of body hardening. Moreover, he cherishes his role as a family man, finding joy in his relationship with his spouse and two children. In his leisure time, Dzmitry enjoys immersing himself in captivating literature and occasionally indulges in playing the guitar, nurturing his creative spirit.

Final thoughts

Dzmitry Grishanovich’s appointment as the new head of .NET development at Modsen introduces a leader who not only brings a wealth of technical expertise but also a multifaceted approach to life. Our team is excited to take this journey with Dzmitry as he inspires us to achieve greatness in both professional and personal areas

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