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“React Native is the ultimate solution for businesses that want to enjoy all the cross-platform mobile framework benefits.”
Slava Ovchinnikov,Chief Technology Officer at Modsen

Looking at the state of software development, it’s almost impossible to overstate the recent popularity of mobile app building. The stats say that at the end of 2022 the mobile applications market will generate over $437 billion in revenue, which makes web-based-only businesses wonder if they are missing out on something important. Those who eventually decide to dive into the app development process find out that building a single native application for either Android or iOS platform users isn’t enough while building both ones separately appears costly and inconvenient. And here comes React Native mobile framework in all its glory. Stay tuned to see if it’s worth the hype.

React Native Global Position

React Native is a unique platform for cross-platform app development based on JavaScript as one of the most popular fungible coding languages. The framework has become a worldwide fave for its ability to build two native-looking applications from a single codebase, significantly reducing the time, effort, and costs required for the development of cross-platform applications.

Shortly after its launch in 2015, RN became a leader among its competitors, maintaining its top position to the present day. By the end of 2021, the framework had won the hearts of 38% of software developers worldwide and it’s not going to stop at this point. Why do professionals confidently go for React Native when building complex cross-platform apps for all-scale businesses? Here are the answers.

React Native Mobile App Development Opportunities

React Native mobile app

The mobile framework is actively and successfully used both by large-scale enterprises and young startup companies that seek to expand and develop their businesses. The range of React Native followers is not restricted by size or industry, providing unmatched experience to everyone who goes for RN.

There are over a dozen cross-platform mobile app developing frameworks aiming to compete with RN in its performance, looks, and efficiency. However, still not one is able to beat the benefits, the platform has developed over the years.


The foremost RN benefit lies in its hybrid nature that enables developers to build a single codebase with reusable components for iOS and Android versions of applications. This opportunity is a huge time and money saver, since it reduces the amount of resources spent on app development by half.

Unmatched Productivity

The quality of software performance build with React Native is another feature that has made the framework so renowned. The widespread opinion that native apps show unrivaled productivity and load time was questioned by RN since it uses native modules and iOS/Android components that speed up cross-platform applications and make them look and feel like native ones.


When it comes to developing application architecture, flexibility of a framework is crucial. The developer interface created by React Native allows multiple engineers to work on a project together, continuing each others’ work without extra complexities. Besides, apps built within RN can be easily used and altered on other platforms.

Swift Updates Integration

Developing app updates take quite a bit of time but their integration might be even greater challenge. To add new features and alterations, engineers usually have to deal with one app at a time, while RN enables them to update both application simultaneously. For users it means the ability to forget vising app stores for good to download recent updates.

The developer interface created by React Native allows multiple engineers to work on a project together, continuing each others’ work without extra complexities.

Community Support

Immense popularity and open-source nature has turned React Native into a platform with a huge community support base. People of different level of RN expertise can use groundworks developped by other community members for free and improve their own projects. To further the idea of sharing knowledge and encourage collaboration, RN is building a comprehensive Fabric project.

Full-Stack Libraries

The beauty of open-source lies in availability of codes which speed up app development time. Multiple React Native libraries contain user interface components as well as other useful features that significantly simplify the whole app building process.

Live Reloading Feature

Apart from great user experience, RN is preoccupied with developers’ convenience as well. Hot and live reload feature enables them to instantly see the chages introduced to the code and brush it up quickly and efficiently.


Cross-platform nature doesn’t only mean that it’s possible to develop cross-platform apps but also the ability to move the whole thing to another preferrable framework, other than React Native. It gives RN-developed apps almost unlimited flexibility the importance of which can hardly be overestimated.

App Augmentation

To complete the list of React Native benefits I must add its ability to adjust an application at minimum costs. Instead of time and money-consuming code rewriting, the framework allows to add necessary components and features painlessly.

How to Spot a Reliable RN Development Vendor

Development vendor

Since demand creates competition, the choice of mobile app development vendors today is a vast one. Here are a couple of points to keep in mind while looking for a credible developer company.

Broad React Native Development Expertise

The concept of “beginner’s luck” might occasionally work out anywhere except for software development. It doesn’t mean that young developer companies can’t possibly build a quality product, but if you aren’t ready for risks, the amount of experience and the number of years in the industry should be your guide when choosing a reliable mobile app development vendor.

React Native development trends clearly show that the framework is gaining momentum today and is projected to do so in the long run.

High Successfully Implemented Projects Rate

At Modsen, we cherish each of the projects that come to our hands and make sure it is destined to turn into another successful case of ours. In search of a vendor, pay special attention to partners, case studies, and success stories since they are key to understanding the developer company's level of expertise.

Individual Customer Approach

Some think a one-size-fits-all approach is the key to continuous success. We believe that unique projects with different goals can’t possibly be implemented in the same manner. That’s why our developer engineers treat each case individually, creating custom concepts and solutions tailored according to specific business needs.

Wrapping Up

React Native development trends clearly show that the framework is gaining momentum today and is projected to do so in the long run. Looking for the optimal cross-platform app building platform, there is no better option than RN. However, only a thoughtful approach to choosing a vendor, experienced in the successful implementation of all-scale RN projects can guarantee getting all the advantages the framework has to offer.

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