10 Mistakes when choosing a company

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Software Development Company

Selecting a decent software development company is sometimes more difficult than coming up with a startup idea that will work. It is not surprising, since the IT sector is the most dynamically developing sector of the world economy at the moment.

Selecting a reliable outsourcing partner is not easy, but quite realistic. To do this, it is important to avoid common mistakes. If you feel that you are lost in the sea of proposals, we have compiled a list of typical mistakes that you should keep an eye on when selecting a software development company.

Mistake 1. Not Considering the Company’s Tech Expertise

Choosing Developers Who Don’t Have an Individual Approach
The accumulated experience in the required services and technologies is very important when choosing software developers. Obviously, if the company does not have expertise, for example, in testing, it is better to delegate this to other specialists. See if they have rational suggestions. If the developer accepts all your suggestions, this usually means the lack of their ideas regarding the technologies used.

Make sure they can explain how the selected technology stack realizes your particular idea. Those who chose this stack should be able to justify in simple words why this choice will meet your expectations regarding its functionality.

Do they have any development experience in the industry your business belongs to? This is a definite plus in favor of the software house since practical experience in this area will help to develop the best concept and functionality for your website or application.

Mistake 2. Choosing Developers Who Don’t Have an Individual Approach

Choosing Developers Who Don’t Have an Individual Approach
During the development process, it is always easier to follow a pattern than to do something personalized. Professional developers will insist on a custom solution, not because they want to complicate their lives and inflate your budget, but because each project is specific, and this should be taken into account when developing.

As a rule, development companies that have been on the market for a while have their unique development methodology. This development approach should become even more personalized when developing your app or website.

Our professional software developers know what to do with the product and will describe each stage of development for you. Moreover, they will ask you to participate, keep you informed, and let you access the intermediate result.

Mistake 3. Seeking Developers with Faster Speed of Development

Seeking Developers with Faster Speed of Development
The complexity of the application, the number of platforms on which it will run – these are the factors that you need to pay attention to in the first place. If your software development partner cannot name a clear deadline, this indicates the amateurism of the team, lack of experience, and of an adequate management system.

Resorting to our software team, you will receive a draft with all deadlines for you not to be concerned about any delays. In contrast, inexperienced developers may promise you two times shorter deadlines than knowledgeable developers. All due to the inability to adequately evaluate the project. The lesser of evils, if it leads to missed deadlines. It`s worse if you end up with something completely different from what you expected.

Mistake 4. Seeking Developers with Lower Price

Seeking Developers with Lower Price
In the IT services market, you can get only the approximate market price for application development, and even its ranges will be very wide as the developer must find out all the details of your project.

It is important to understand that there are template solutions that are deployed in a few hours or days. This is exactly what awaits you at a very low cost of the site. At best, performers save on designing and testing the application, at worst - on documenting the requirements and quality of development.
Experienced developers will cost money, but the results will help you earn more
The solution is to choose cost-effective solutions according to the price-quality ratio. Experienced developers will cost money, but the results will help you earn more. However, the financial point cannot be taken into account separately, only in combination with the others, since there are companies with high prices, where the result is quite poor.

Mistake 5. Overlooking the Company’s Location

Overlooking the Company’s Location
It happens that businesses give preference to the nearest companies. However, you should not be afraid to collaborate with outsourcing companies. Usually, their expertise and professionalism will make up for the distance between you.

In the short term, outsourcing development can be cost-effective, but in the long term, it can lead to some problems. In terms of location, you’d better choose countries with a mentality similar to yours to understand each other better.

Surely, the team (or at least the project manager) must speak one of the languages you speak fluently to avoid the language barrier. In this way, you can avoid any misunderstandings and understand what is happening with your project at every stage.

The time difference is also crucial, and if it is minimal, it will help you work on the project without any delay. The more opportunities for communication, discussion, and interaction you have, the better the final product will be.

For instance, we set overlap hours for clients from faraway places to sync up with them daily. And if they’re somewhere in Germany or the UK, we simply adapt to their business hours.

Mistake 6. Overlooking Communication Problems

Overlooking Communication Problems
Communication both between you and the company and within the team is one of the main criteria for the success of your future product. This includes not only one language from the point of view of linguistics but the real understanding of each other as well. It also includes the means of communication, which should be comfortable for you and flexible enough.

Just do not be afraid to discuss the schedule and format of communication between you and the software team.
  • Out software development company as a company with good working relationship;
  • Conducts all meetings on time, with a designated schedule and transparent results;
  • Does not try to sell any solutions as quickly as possible and without explaining;
  • Shows the advantages of its approaches and techniques at the first stage;
  • Explains the reasons for choosing specific solutions and what results they will lead to;
  • Uses modern tools for prioritizing and distributing tasks and provides access to them.

Mistake 7. Not Studying Software Company’s Portfolio

Not Studying Software Company’s Portfolio
The latest works at the top are the ones the software team is usually proud of. Compare the website or application that is in the portfolio with its working version, evaluate the convenience of use.

Be sure to check the portfolio of the software development partner you choose. Look at their number, complexity, and variety. Preferably, the company or freelance developers you choose should have experience in projects similar to yours.
Customers need to carefully study the works that the developer company cites as an example
But no matter how talented and experienced the developer is, if your views don’t coincide in many ways or you don’t like their works, look for some other team. In this way, you will save yourself from possible conflicts and dissatisfaction with the finished product.

Note: the criteria of the number of products should not be the main one. The quality of products doesn’t directly correlate with the quantity. Many companies don’t provide software customization. Therefore, customers need to carefully study the works that the developer company cites as an example.

Mistake 8. Choosing Software Company Without After-Development Support Services

Choosing Software Company Without After-Development Support Services
Website creation is just the first step. It needs to be constantly supported, promoted, developed. If the site from the portfolio was developed several years ago, see how it has changed, how much new has appeared on the site, whether it works correctly, see its position in search engines.

After-development support services are as important as the project itself. A professional software development company will offer services to promote your website or application, upload it to the AppStore and Google Play, and give a guarantee. If any error occurs after users try it, the company will fix it at no additional cost.

On our part, our team is always ready to provide you with all the necessary after-development services to support your website after the release as well.

Mistake 9. Selecting Software Company with No Variety in Services

Selecting Software Company with No Variety in Services
You need to analyze the range of services provided based on your needs. If you want to develop and promote your site, make sure not to choose the company that will charge you money for each request.

It is much more profitable and more effective if your application is created by one company, starting from the evaluation of the idea and ending with the release to the market.

In addition, if you need to create applications for the desktop and two main mobile platforms, then it is better to be done by the same team. This saves you from overpaying everyone to dive into a product from scratch.

Mistake 10. Overlooking Clients’ Reviews

Overlooking Clients’ Reviews
This is one of the main aspects, although usually taken with suspicion. Many customers often overlook the company’s reviews, as they may be purchased or written by an agency`s marketing manager. It is better to evaluate reviews on independent sites or watch video reviews if there are any.

If you wish, you can contact their former clients and find out the intricacies of working with the developer: does it meet deadlines, is it comfortable to collaborate, and more.

Final Thoughts

If you are now wondering how to choose the right website or mobile application developer, be sure that these criteria will help you weed out unreliable candidates and make the best choice. However, remember that there is no common right choice of company for all projects. You determine your needs and expectations yourself, and only you know which team you will be most comfortable with.
Determine your needs and expectations yourself, and only you know which team you will be most comfortable with
Modsen’s tight-knit software development team has deep expertise and is ready to get your project in gear. Providing a wide range of high-quality development services, we are agile to create a custom solution based on your business needs.
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