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We adhere to the strategic approach toward software design building, basing our processes on multiple data to create catchy selling interfaces and apps.

We have driven results for 50+ projects over the past 3 years.

4,37 million

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193 %

Onboarding conversions growth

42 %

Retention rate increase

2,5 times

Customer engagement growth

51 %

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Our Projects

50+ Projects

Mobile application for stress reduction and meditation designed by our team

mobile app

Diversity, Security and Reliability All in one place

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Design 991 is an e-learning platform made especially for people. They can chat with their mates, read articles, upload work and follow deadlines.


10+ years is the average experience of our UI/UX design experts. We quickly adapt to tasks of any complexity level, carry out an in-depth analysis of your business, and study your target audience's behavior. We allow your brand to speak in a clear code to increase the value of your product or service.
Medical websites and apps have to respond to patients’ inquiries quickly and naturally. Take care of your users by providing them with an intuitive interface design and sufficient functionality to make sure they can monitor their health state using your technological product.
Build a well-thought-through digital product design that will help optimize the workflow of corporate-size businesses by establishing convenient communication between in-house teams. We’ll help you automate complex processes that engage hundreds of people.
Develop a navigable and responsive fintech product using the expertise of Modsen Design Studio. Hire top-notch software design specialists to add a competitive advantage to your financial business and bring value to the target audience.
Modernize your IoT app by complementing it with on-point UI/UX design built by senior-level experts. Modsen design strategists are ready to delve into the project.
Present a cutting-edge user-friendly social app that will bring people together and enable them to share thoughts. Your front-end design partner has already got a couple of great ideas.
Let our design engineers build a navigable multifunctional application interface to streamline your logistics processes, boost business efficiency, and make cargo management more convenient.
Clear big data structuring enhanced by convenient search and navigation features. Modsen-developed software design will allow travelers to build an accurate route for upcoming holidays. Let your customers start their journey here and now using a convenient and aesthetic app.
Modsen team of UI/UX designers will assist you in combining a multitude of various tools and features in a single app. Easy-to-use visual display of statistical data, ad settings, and analytics helps you to react to changes timely and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.
Whatsoever a man soweth, so shall he reap. The same goes for the composition of your tailored software solution. Our outstanding team of designers understands the relevance of creating the most fruitful digital grounds for agricultural enterprises. With our grand specialists sowing exceptional design solutions following your unique requirements, our shared fruits of labor will come to perfection.

Your reliable design partner

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Relevant experience

We’ll provide you with a team of software design specialists with successful cross-industry experience and a clear understanding of your workflow. The development process launch and implementation will be quick and smooth due to extensive experience on similar projects.

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Business results

Modsen front-end designers are aimed not only at building beautiful interfaces for their portfolios. First of all, we are targeted at the positive impact of our work on your business indicators.

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Ultimate engagement

The project team you hire delves deep into the process and designs your product with maximum attention. No other tasks will distract us from elaborating an impeccable app for your business. Monitor the team’s performance in any way convenient for you.

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Compliance with requirements

Modsen design engineers will implement your project within the negotiated time framework and with the observation of all KPIs. You’ll be able to monitor the quality of the development process in real time and receive detailed timely project progress reports.

Your reliable design partner

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