Continuous integration, deployment and delivery

Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery
Modsen CI/CD services will help you withstand the competition and keep up with the high growth rates of modern businesses that require companies to be agile and responsive. As one of the key DevOps practices, CI/CD enables us to develop and deploy adjustments to your software quickly and reliably.

Modsen ci/cd services

Based on the customer strategy, we use different approaches to code elaboration and improvement which allows us to scale your software and upgrade its current functionality.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery and deployment

After making adjustments to the code and performing its testing, we launch the process of software deployment which takes place after every integration. A high-quality automated process that doesn’t require additional supervision.

Continuous integration

Continuous integration

Our team of dedicated engineers employs CI functionality to build scripts for default code development and testing. Each new adjustment will be tested separately and then added to the existing software code to be validated again altogether.

CI/CD workflow

Basic CI/CD pipeline

We employ the Review Apps tool to preview the added changes and clearly see how the code will perform in the current environment. After that, developer engineers run the code through the stages of development, testing, and deployment. Finally, the code goes to production, ready to be rolled back upon necessity.

Modsen as a CI/CD service provider


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Make the most out of CI/CD opportunities with Modsen

Our team of senior-level CI/CD engineers will help you benefit from the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies that improve code quality and ensure streamlined deployment and delivery of new features to the end user.

Customer experience improvement

We build our products not for the sake of practicing the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies but to improve the quality of services delivered to your customers. The ability to incorporate innovations promptly and properly will allow you to respond to emerging challenges and user inquiries.

Team communication

Lack of transparency in the communication process between project team members is the major issue that blocks the development opportunities of any company. Modsen specialists will effectively incorporate CI/CD methodologies to prevent rivalry among your in-house teams and eliminate attempts of responsibility shifting when identifying mistakes.

Code quality

The development of a robust, functional, and agile app is impossible without a proper codebase. We’ll set up the CI/CD pipeline to ensure solid testing reliability and the development of premium-quality software code.

Simple servicing

The development process shouldn’t end after the app launch. Further support and software updating are integral parts of the process. Apart from the already mentioned advantages of the methodology, our engineers guarantee code updating during low loading hours which will reduce the number of deployment issues.

Cost optimization

Process automation frees up the time developer would otherwise spend on code support and delivery. Save your budget by outsourcing your tasks and optimizing the workloads of your in-house team.
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Integrate CI/CD with Modsen

Our team has an array of successfully implemented CI/CD projects under its belt. Years-long experience allows us to develop premium-quality processes cut out individually for each of our partners. We’ve created an impeccable cooperation environment that ensures 100% goal completion

Software development experience

Relevant experience

Modsen developers are well-versed in the implementation of projects for various business industries. Hire a team of professionals who enjoy the relevant experience in your domain, understand its nature, and navigate through tasks of any complexity level.

Agile methodology

Agile methodology

We employ Scrum and Kanban methodologies to build transparent development processes and ensure their effectiveness. Our team of dedicated experts never loses motivation and is targeted at the impeccable implementation of your tasks.

Transparent development control

Transparent control

Benefit from the real-time development process monitoring using the most convenient and effective team performance supervision practices. We guarantee a top-notch quality of monitoring to all of our partners.

Resource development optimization

Resource optimization

During the CI/CD services provision, as well as during other projects, we aim to reduce your expenses by employing well-thought-through solutions and tools.

Development culture and values

Shared culture and values

Modsen engineers will seamlessly integrate into your in-house team since we share common corporate values. There will be no obstacles on our way of searching for viable solutions for the successful implementation of your ideas.

Convenient development communication

Convenient communication

Our team enjoys a perfectly balanced combination of technical and communicative skills which makes the cooperation process fully transparent and productive.