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Front-end Development

The development of the user interface is more significant than it might seem. A clear and visually appealing app layout, coupled with a user-friendly navigable interface, plays a key role in the efficiency of its launch. Entrust your front-end development to our team of top-notch web engineers at Modsen, a leading company in the industry.

Modsen Front-end Services

Our experienced front-end development team can seamlessly join your project at any stage of its development lifecycle. Whether you need to build a new user interface from scratch or transform an existing one, the top-notch web engineers at Modsen can help you achieve high-quality results that meet your business requirements.

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Front-end team augmentation

Within just a week, we’ll delve into your project development process. Either you need to hire a full-scale team of front-end developers or a couple of experts with the required framework stack - we’ll provide you with suitable engineers and arrange interviews with each of them.

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Interface development consultations

If you require support and guidance during the first stages of interface development, expert assessment of the JS frameworks implementation, or a consultation with a front-end development team having years of experience under their belt, leave a request, and wait for our specialists to contact you and give all the necessary assessments and recommendations.

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Building interfaces from scratch

To solve your particular business tasks our front-end engineers will use the full range of available tools. We ensure that your final software solution will be convenient for the end-users actively interacting with your product on a daily basis.

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The front-end library making it possible to create well-structured code solutions, improve page indexation, ensure code cleanliness, and limit the chances of its misuse. As a result - further support and app development made easy and safe.

Angular JS

The framework provides plenty of ready-made features, erasing the necessity for their manual installation. Apps developed with Angular show great performance on all types of platforms.

Vue JS

Our front-end engineers use Vue to improve the performance and overall framework speed, ensure clear updates of connected components, keep an eye on data renewal and simplify the integration between new and current apps.

Top-notch front-end solutions for any business industry

Apart from a wide range of diverse business industries, we understand that each of our clients has an individual history. In-depth expertise in the development of specific front-end elements, their configurations, and user features within particular frameworks allows our team of experienced web engineers to build up unique custom apps that match your business needs. We know the true value of details and never overlook them.

UX/UI design

Impeccably developed UX/UI is a characteristic feature of a successful software product. Regardless of the complexity of your project, our front-end developers and designers will build up an attractive and action-inducing web interface for your clients to enjoy.

Front-end optimization

Your future product will be swift, robust, and productive across various browsers and devices. A profound SEO optimization development and app design elaboration will allow you to decrease the load on performance and simplify the use of your product. We offer no less than solutions worked out to pixels with a high-performance user interface.

Cross platform development

In the world of endless alternatives for users, being accessible and convenient is a must. Guided by the PWA standards, we ensure your app works equally well across platforms and that it is adapted to all possible systems. Hire us to get a cross platform solution ready to help you achieve your goals on any device.

Micro front-end

Micro front-end development for mobile devices is trending now. Scale up your business, integrate fresh and resource-effective solutions for the development of new products. We provide independent functionality supplies for various platform parts so that releases don’t clash.

Design architecture

To boost the efficiency and stability of apps, our team of engineers uses tools and processes that improve the front-end code quality. Only by planning and developing a thorough software architecture can we achieve its proper user-friendly structure.
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Head of JS Department

Modsen front-end team

As a leading front-end development company, we take an extremely responsible approach towards every project and aim to launch it successfully, ensuring positive future results for our clients. Modsen front-end experts will become an indispensable part of your software development process and business improvement on the whole.

User retention

User retention

Front-end design and carefully thought-through software navigation, powered by the latest technology stack, aim to hit the main goal of the digital product - its high conversion. The targets may differ but all of them can be reached with the help of our front-end development team.

Product updating

Product updating

During the project development process we take into account the conditions of regular framework updates and give detailed instructions on how to control this issue. Modsen team will help you monitor the current modifications and updates so that your product could comply with all the up-to-date standards.

Maximum performance

Maximum performance

We’ll select the necessary JS tools that ensure the development of lightweight web apps with short loading time. The front-end engineers at Modsen will build a carefully optimized app interface to improve user interaction and SEO quality, resulting in maximum performance.

Choice of JS frameworks

Choice of JS frameworks

To achieve the desired result it’s vital to choose the right framework taking into account the development goals and anticipated design. We guarantee that the structure we’ll pick will be the best match for your app, ensuring its scalability and maximum optimization.

Convenience of use

Today’s users are pretty spoilt by the wide variety of alternatives that boil up the already intense competition. Our engineers will help you build an intuitive app with a user-friendly product interface. We doubt that your clients could possibly find a more convenient app to use, thanks to our front-end remote services.

Agile culture
on the project

We stick to tested and proven Scrum and Kanban methodologies that ensure high team performance and timely KPI implementation. Benefit from the real-time project development process monitoring any way you like, with our front-end development team as your reliable partner.


JS engineers validate their exceptional knowledge and expertise through relevant certificates. We prioritize the continuous development of every member of our JS team, ensuring that our collaboration with you occurs at the utmost level of reliability.

Top-ratings acknowledge Modsen frontend expertise

Our frontend team will cover all the nuances

tested code

Carefully tested code

Top-notch Angular, React, Vue capacity

Top-notch Angular, React, Vue capacity

A wide selection of libraries and tools

A wide selection of libraries and tools

user interface

Focus on user interface

High adaptability

High adaptability

Cross platform opportunities

Cross platform opportunities

Make sure your app looks and feels great on any platform

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