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Starting a career in IT seems easy right until the moment you discover the variety of professions within the industry and realize that each of them requires a particular skill- and mindset. Being an aspiring IT student, it’s crucial to find a guide into the field who will patiently explain the pitfalls and provide valuable professional insights to make sure newcomers face minimum obstacles on their way to success.

Modsen souvenirs
Modsen souvenirs

The development of a quality local IT community has always been one of the key Modsen goals. The desire to share our years-long expertise and experience with young and ambitious IT newbies inspired us to organize and productively conduct a lecture concerning the fundamental questions of profession choice, promising coding languages, career development and many others. To provide maximum efficiency for the meet-up, we also included the Q&A format during which the participants could bring up any intricate IT-related issues and hear the viewpoints of top-notch industry professionals.

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The Modsen team truly enjoyed communicating with our future colleagues and we are certain to keep organizing such fruitful educational events. We thank everyone who took took part in the lecture. Let’s make the IT community stronger together!

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