App server redesign and update

App redesign
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App server redesign and update. Introduction of new features for hotel visitors to the app.

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Interface overhaul; partial modification of the logic based on the client’s business requirements.

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Tech stack

React, React-native, Redux, Swift, Java, Node.js, Next.js.


One of the Europe’s leading hotel networks based in Germany. The client unites eight unique hotel brands in their business. The hotel geography includes 19 countries globally, where our client owns over 160 hotels.


Our partner overhauled many of their products with the help of expertise from Modsen’s highly qualified software developers. In this case, we had to revise and improve the full server part of the application and offer new solutions for the UX/UI design and app interface in general. The client also asked us:

  • to fix the existing app bugs
  • to update the design
  • to extend, add new functions, and optimize the app
  • to add the capability of opening a hotel room with the app
  • to make it possible to use QR-codes in the app during a check-in at a hotel
  • to provide full support and ensure release in Play Market and App Store
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For this project, we assigned a senior full-stack developer who had an experience of this type on several projects.

Our deep knowledge of the travel and hospitality industry together with our solid expertise in all software development areas allowed us to save time and revamp the application quickly and effectively.

As part of full-stack development, we completed the following tasks:

  • Modification and writing from scratch of app components in React Native
  • Addition of four native SDKs to enable hotel room door opening
  • Writing of React Native bridges for native module connection
  • Changes in the native modules for proper interaction with the React-based app (Swift + Java)
  • UX and UI changes in the app
  • Building of a new server-based part of the app using Next.js and Node.js
Travel and hospitality app


The project was completed ahead of time and did not require any significant adjustments or improvements during the test period. The most important outcomes of the projects can be considered to be the following:

  • implementation of a new server for the application
  • enhanced convenience for hotel visitors resulting from the app-assisted check-in and room door opening
  • hotel registration using a QR-code in the app

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