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Modsen Quality Assurance

We don’t compromise on quality at Modsen. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions that meet your customers' expectations and help you achieve your goals. Choose our QA services and experience the difference that quality and expertise can make in your success.

QA Services For Excellence

 We offer comprehensive Quality Assurance services to help ensure that software products meet quality standards and exceed customer expectations. Our experienced QA experts use a combination of manual and automated testing methods to provide thorough testing coverage that ensures software products are reliable, secure, and user-friendly.

QA Analysis

We analyse software development processes and practices to identify areas for improvement, evaluate quality assurance methodologies, and recommend strategies to enhance the overall quality of software products, including test planning, design, execution, and management.

QA Analysis

Test Automation

Our test automation services ensure that software products are tested efficiently and accurately. We use a variety of test automation tools to automate testing processes and increase testing speed and accuracy.

Test Automation

Manual Testing

We cover both web and mobile applications, performing functional, regression, and usability testing to ensure software products are user-friendly and meet customer expectations.

Manual Testing

API Testing

We focus on ensuring the reliability and functionality of APIs by performing testing at the message layer and the protocol layer to ensure that APIs are secure, scalable, and perform as expected.

API Testing

Performance Testing

We use specialised performance testing tools to identify performance bottlenecks and optimise software performance, ensuring software products are reliable, scalable, and perform optimally under various workloads and stress conditions.

Performance Testing

Salesforce Testing

We perform functional, integration, and regression testing to ensure that Salesforce applications meet business requirements, identifying and resolving issues before they impact end-users, ensuring the best possible user experience.

Salesforce Testing

Security Testing

Our security testing services ensure that software products are secure and protect sensitive data from potential threats, combining manual and automated testing techniques to identify vulnerabilities and ensure software products meet industry security standards.

Security Testing

Modsen Quality Assurance Facts

-30% testing costs

We use KPI-based control and reusable test cases/scripts.

-15% testing time

We scale resources quickly, use shift-left approach and test automation.

-17% software maintenance costs

We proactively perform timely regression and performance testing to minimize leakage of defects.

Zero severe defects

Our tailored QA process, efficient design, and prioritization of test cases achieve this.

Transparent testing process

At Modsen, we take great care in testing our software products to ensure they meet both our quality standards and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our testing process is thorough and designed to provide comprehensive testing coverage, which includes multiple steps.

Test Planning

Test Planning

Our testing process begins with test planning, where we define the testing objectives, scope, and deliverables. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that their testing requirements are fully understood and incorporated into the test plan.

Test Execution

Test Execution

Once the test cases and test scripts have been developed, we proceed to test execution, where we run the tests and verify software functionality. Our experienced QA experts use a combination of manual and automated testing methods to ensure comprehensive testing coverage.

Test Reporting

Test Reporting

After test execution, we provide a detailed test report that outlines the testing results, including any defects found and the overall software quality. We also provide recommendations for improving software quality and ensuring that software meets quality standards.

Test Design

Test Design

After test planning, we proceed to test design, where we develop test cases and test scripts based on the testing objectives and scope defined in the test plan. Our test cases and test scripts are designed to provide comprehensive testing coverage and ensure that software products meet functional and non-functional requirements.

Defect Management

Defect Management

During test execution, we track and manage defects using a defect tracking tool. We collaborate with our clients to prioritise defects and ensure that they are addressed in a timely manner.

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Flexible Engagement Models

Our software development and quality assurance services are tailored to the needs of each client at Modsen. That’s why we offer a flexible approach to QA services by providing multiple engagement models to suit various client needs.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

In this scenario, our clients can augment their existing development teams with our QA experts. This is an ideal option for clients who need additional testing resources to complement their existing teams or to meet a tight deadline.

QA Outsourcing

QA Outsourcing

Some clients prefer to outsource their entire QA process to a third-party vendor. In this scenario, Modsen takes complete responsibility for the software testing process, from test planning to test execution and reporting.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Get a full team, including developers and QA experts, for long-term or ongoing projects. Efficient project management, a single point of contact, and flexible scaling available - no third-party vendors needed.


With certifications from ISTQB, the foremost software testing certification scheme, our QA experts at Modsen are equipped with the highest level of expertise. Prepare to work alongside the team of fully devoted engineers who are passionate about leveraging technology for your business’s triumph.

Comprehensive QA Technology Stack - Automated Testing

We understand the importance of providing efficient and reliable testing solutions to our clients, which is why we offer a wide range of automated testing tools and technologies to suit your specific needs. Let us help you streamline your testing process and achieve faster and more accurate results.

Web Testing





Mobile Testing



Google Espresso

API Testing

Rest assured



Performance Testing

Apache JMeter


K6 by Grafana

Manual Testing

Our team of expert manual testers is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to ensure the highest quality testing standards. We take a collaborative and proactive approach to testing, working closely with our clients to understand their testing objectives and develop a tailored testing strategy that is cost-effective and efficient.

Web Testing


Charles Proxy


PageSpeed Insights


Mobile Testing


Android Studio




API Testing



Test Management

Microsoft Azure DevOps







Burp Suite

Testing Across Industries

QA experts at Modsen have experience testing a diverse array of business domains. We understand that different software types require specific testing approaches and tools, and they are well-equipped to handle each one’s unique challenges.


We test FinTech software to ensure it meets regulatory requirements, performs accurately and efficiently, and provides a secure and reliable platform for financial transactions.

Enterprise software

Our testing approach for enterprise software includes functional testing, performance testing, and security testing to ensure it meets the needs of large organisations.


We follow strict regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure medical device software is safe, reliable, and user-friendly.

Social Networking

We perform end-to-end testing to ensure social networking software is user-friendly, secure, and scalable to handle a high volume of users and interactions.


We test logistics software to ensure it can handle a high volume of transactions, provide accurate tracking information, and perform efficiently to meet customers’ needs.

Travel and hospitality

We test travel software to ensure it can handle a high volume of bookings, provide accurate information about destinations and services, and provide a smooth user experience.

IoT applications

We test IoT applications to ensure they are secure, reliable, and user-friendly, and they can integrate with various devices and platforms.


We test AdTech software to ensure it can handle a high volume of ad impressions, provide accurate targeting and tracking information, and perform efficiently to meet advertisers' needs.


We perform end-to-end testing to ensure ecommerce software is secure, scalable, and provides a smooth user experience.

Modsen: your partner in building quality software

As a top-class custom software development company, Modsen provides businesses with the tools they need to expand their horizons. Our collaboration process is designed to uncover endless opportunities for our clients by delivering exceptional software solutions. Here’s what sets us apart:

Strong in-house processes

We have built a solid and agile internal processes architecture that allows us to operate swiftly and precisely on each project. Our in-house processes are properly structured and lay the foundation of the future software product, ensuring seamless, error-free implementation.

Top Industry Experts

Our QA team consists of top-notch professionals who work together to bring value to our clients. From the outset, we have focused on gathering the best talent in the industry to ensure that we deliver exceptional results.

Transparent cooperation

Our clear cooperation strategy allows our partners to monitor the development process in real-time and make adjustments to the product at any stage. You can track the progress of your project team and have an impeccable software product built on time.


We're always looking out for our partners' interests, which is why we search for ways to cut redundant expenses and incorporate cost-effective solutions during the software development process.

Quality code

Code clarity and simplicity are crucial for convenient support, servicing, and further scaling of the software. Our engineers ensure that your product will be easily maintained by any other specialists, thanks to the quality of the code we deliver.

Guaranteed trial period

Guaranteed trial period

We understand that you need to be sure of the quality of our processes before entrusting your project to us. That's why we offer a 15-day trial period for you to see Modsen from the inside and make sure of our competence.

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