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Modsen in-house team
augmentation service

Hiring a team of skilled engineers has never been so simple and effective! Modsen developers will become a perfect solution for strengthening your in-house team expertise and delivering top-notch quality projects.

Quick access to compiling an impeccable team

Swift hiring process

Swift hiring process

The search for credible developer engineers might take a few months. Modsen can provide you with top-notch professionals within a week. Watch your project develop while others are busy still looking for the solution.

Developer competence check

Double developer competence check

Modsen has standardized the hiring process to provide you with access to senior-level experts. At the same time, you can hold an in-depth interview to make sure our developer engineers meet your technical requirements.

Project monitoring

Project progress monitoring

Our partners are in full command of engineers, project budget, and resource performance. You will receive timely detailed reports on the progress and efficiency of the development process. Besides, you can request project KPI fulfillment data anytime.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

Our partnership model is perfect for companies aiming to cut expenses without sacrificing product quality, development speed, and agility. Due to similar time zones, working culture, and communication standards our team can ensure maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Modsen expertise key takeaways



top notch developers

Qualification approval by top B2B ratings


of senior-level developers engaged in projects


Business industries

software development technology stack

1-week term of full-scale immersion into a project


of contract prolongation decisions

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Wide tech stack access

Get the missing skillset and tech expertise for developing top-notch quality projects.


We create user interfaces using cutting-edge technologies.


We have mastered quality code writing to build clear product architecture.

Mobile Development

We can easily optimize internal business processes and boost performance.


We know how to incorporate mobile applications into your business seamlessly.

Swift and transparent request response

Cooperation with Modsen means maximum indulgence in the process, high-quality team selection, and convenient partnership terms.

in-house team augmentation stage 1


We get acquainted with the tasks, goals, and your vision of the issue within 24 hours.

in-house team augmentation stage 3


You can test the competence of the developer engineers pre-selected for your project and form the final team yourself.

in-house team augmentation stage 2


To compile a relevant project team, we analyze your input quickly and profoundly for a couple of days.

in-house team augmentation stage 4


After a week-long team selection process, you can start the active cooperation phase and achieve your goals together with Modsen.

Modsen CTO

Individual consultation on team formation

Leave your email and we’ll contact you to discuss relevant tasks and select the necessary specialists for their implementation

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Strengthening your team with Modsen

We’ve been providing team augmentation services since the foundation of our company. Over the years, we’ve dealt with dozens of partners from various business industries accumulating the necessary experience and expertise to guarantee top-notch project development quality that doesn’t have weak spots.

Team formation approach

Flexible team formation approach

We are targeted at long-term cooperation with each of our clients. You can scale your team up and down anytime if your project requires such alterations.

Trial period

Trial period

Despite our deep confidence in the quality of Modsen experts, we offer additional insurance in the form of a 15-day trial period during which you’ll understand if some changes need to be introduced to the selected team lineup.

Convenient communication

Convenient communication

Modsen has gathered technical specialists with strong communicative skills. We ensure that the people you hire are responsive, productive, active, and highly responsible.

Qualified reserve resources

Qualified reserve resources

Providing team augmentation services, we have foreseen all the extraordinary scenarios. Modsen always has an access to backup resources who will be able to join your project without losing on its development time and quality.

Code quality

Code quality

From the first day of cooperation, your project becomes dear to us. Modsen experts will help you find the solutions to boost development, avoid needless work, increase productivity and optimize costs. The product code we build will be easily supported by other specialists.

Development approach

Similar business development approach

The principles, goals and project management approaches, and in-house communication tactics we employ are in line with the best IT industry practices. You will seamlessly integrate our experts into your environment without suffering communication losses but improving the development process from the inside.

let's save your time

Traditional hire (in-house)
Monthly Costs
30-45% lower than
traditional hire
Very high
HR overhead
Very high
Fast and easy
Monthly lengthy
Our job
Your headache
Our job
Your headache
Our job
Your headache

Modsen team extra guarantees

Level of English

Advanced level of English

Development insurance

Insurance against the factors out of your control

Tight-knit developers

High level of staff retention and a tight-knit team of professionals

Software project prices

Project price revision on the basis of contract and cooperation duration

Time zone

Mental resemblance and cooperation in accordance with your time zone

Management approaches

Flexible management approaches - full or partial involvement in the team monitoring

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