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Modsen .NET development team consists of high-end engineers with multi-year experience in projects of various backgrounds and sizes. Use our expertise to build robust and reliable .NET software solutions.

.NET development services

.NET is one of the frameworks we are strongly expertised in. Our team enjoys agile .NET scope that allows us to offer each Modsen partner a custom set of services depending on one’s needs, relevant tasks, and current project development stage. Our .NET development services include:

App architecture

Architecture design

Clear-cut and well-thought-through app architecture is essential both for custom and sample software solutions. Our .NET development team will help you build the required app logic to improve the new product’s quality, functionality, and safety.
Software development

Software development

Modsen will turn your project from an idea to a successfully launched app. You’ll be able to set the deadline dates, outline the architecture, KPI, and point out project development requirements for the Modsen team to enjoy a custom solution matching your needs. We make use of Agile and Lean processes to monitor the .NET software development and to be sure all the work is done within the time frame.
.NET in-house team

Scaling up your .NET in-house team

We can guarantee the quality of your final product by selecting top-notch professionals for your project development. Modsen engineers will join the main team and delve into the work quickly to become your reliable and productive resource.
Software product

Software product improvement

Our .NET engineers will analyze and assess your current software solutions by providing a free-of-charge detailed consultation on their improvement. Developing your software with Modsen from scratch, you’ll get an in-depth expert evaluation and high-quality project development monitoring.
Dmitriy Grishanovich

Dmitry Grishanovich

Head of .NET Department

”Modsen .NET team is composed of tech aces enjoying 10+ years of experience in implementing multi-scale projects for an array of industries. The unwavering curiosity, self-motivation, and energy of our specialists win the hearts of our partners and induce them to come back for more transformative .NET solutions.”

Modsen .NET tech stack

Apart from extensive expertise in conventional technologies, components, and frameworks, .NET Modsen engineers actively monitor the platform updates and implement cutting-edge solutions that benefit our partners.


  • .NET


  • .NET Core

    .NET Core

  • ML .NET

    ML .NET

  • MAUI


  • ASP .NET MVC Core

    ASP .NET MVC Core



  • WPF


  • WinForms


  • Blazor



  • C#


  • VB


  • SQL


  • JS


  • TS


  • CSS


  • HTML


  • Python


  • F#



  • MS SQL

    MS SQL

  • PostgreSQL


  • CosmosDB


  • MongoDB


  • Redis


  • Elasticsearch


  • MySQL


  • Cassandra


  • ScyllaDB


  • ClickHouse


DevOps tools

  • AzureDevOPS


  • Jenkins


  • GitLab


  • Docker


  • Kubernetes


  • Azure App Insights

    Azure App Insights

  • ELK


  • Grafana


  • DataDog


  • New Relic

    New Relic


  • Azure


  • AWS


  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

Why go for Modsen?

Our expertise in .NET software solutions is backed by an extensive portfolio, top-developer ratings' acclaim, and high business achievements of our partners after the launch of our jointly-developed projects. Modsen guarantees:

Development process

Transparent development process

Depending on the demanded .NET development service, our team will provide you with a transparent cooperation process taking into account all individual requirements. Our partners adjust the configuration settings of the future project while Modsen’s .NET team immerses in its development, provides progress reports, and introduces all the necessary changes.
Multi-industry project

Multi-industry project development expertise

We are confident in the level of our expertise due to a long period of cooperation with all-size businesses of 25+ industry backgrounds. Our .NET team has experience developing projects together with our partners from all over the world, allowing us to dive into the process quickly and achieve desired results.
Project implementation deadline

On-time delivery by our dedicated  .NET developers

Modsen team closely monitors project implementation deadline dates and ensures their compliance by using Agile methodologies in product development, drafting up a clear-cut cooperation plan, controlling all the key product implementation stages, and monitoring KPI. Timely project delivery is ensured when you hire dedicated .NET developers at Modsen.
Software product quality

Exceptional .NET software quality

We conduct thorough testing of projects of any scale and complexity before their final launch. To build truly productive and useful software products, Modsen professionals immerse into each project to carry out research, compile a custom .NET development team, provide timely progress reports and technical support.

Over 60% of modsen .net developers recognized with profile certificates

Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Azure Developer Associate

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate


Data Modeling

MongoDB for .NET Developers


Schedule an expert consultation

Plan your individual online consultation. Our team will help your sort out further steps on .NET technology incorporation.

Eugene Kalugin,


.NET framework for your business

Developed by Microsoft, .NET framework is now one of the most popular and widely supported coding languages. The quality of the approach has been proved by its successful use in building apps for both large corporations and small-scale prospective startups.

Language-agnostic compatibility

By choosing the .NET framework for development, you can build any kind of application as it ensures compatibility with various services developed in different programming languages, while preventing any conflicts that may arise between their different versions.

Robust software security with .NET

Robust software security with .NET

The security pattern we apply averts unauthorized operating system user access. .NET platform security model protects the code and app data from their improper use and damage inflicted by other apps or OS users by imposing code access restrictions.

Top-notch .NET software support

Top-notch .NET software support

The apps developed with .NET are easily supported and allow for seamless incorporation of the necessary changes and improvements into an app. The source code runs on the server, providing better capacity and software agility.

Error tracking for .NET solutions

Web servers running on the .NET platform are able to constantly monitor the apps and their components. If the framework indicates a data breach or an unauthorized activity, it instantly blocks such actions and resets.

Cost-effective .NET code optimization

Cost-effective .NET code optimization

Advanced .NET technologies imply less code and more built-in functions, which makes it easier for a developer team to optimize code structure. Considering the conditions, .NET development vendor will expend less time and effort to build a cost-effective application.

.NET cross-platform support

.NET cross-platform support

As a leading .NET development company, Modsen makes it easy to build cross-platform web apps that work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. With our services, you can develop a product for iOS and launch it on Android using the same code.

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