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Technologies are rapidly progressing and sometimes, on the contrary, they become obsolete. To stay at the top of their skills, developers need to constantly improve their service, replenish their crack skills and be aware of the latest IT industry innovations. Gadgets have firmly entered our life and have become an integral part of it. The "stuffing" makes them important and irreplaceable. Those applications teach and develop us, solve problems and help us monitor our health, calm and entertain, allow us even to earn.

Digital transformation is indispensable for all businesses, both small and large. That message is revealed from seemingly outside reality, every study related to how businesses can remain competitive and relevant as the world becomes widely digital. It shows the way to present worldwide communication, the development of new technologies and simplification of everyday lifestyle.

World Goes Digital

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on our life, including the creation of mobile apps. When millions of people around the world were stuck at home overnight, everything quickly moved online: work meetings, grocery deliveries, sports training, personal communication, spending one’s leisure time.

The number of competitors has also grown along with the quantity of users in the app. It is sheerly considerable to know which features and elements will be actual and up-to-date in 2022 to win the fight for the users’ attention.

When millions of people around the world were stuck at home overnight, everything quickly moved online

Mobile App Development Trends

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The first half of 2021 was characterized by a rapid rejection of unpopular and substandard concepts. Let`s see what we have already used, what is still in great request and what trends will stay with us in the near future.

3D Graphics

Talking about trends for 2022 is worth starting with 3D design. Three-dimensional elements enliven the interface and help advantageous visualization of the main business ideas. Many large companies, such as Apple or Google, use 3D elements in their mobile solutions. For instance, in the recent release of the updated Mac OS Big Sur, Apple showed an interface with built-in 3D application icons. And the visual style of large companies sets trends for startups.

AR and VR Tech

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The unambiguous trend of 2022. You need to go beyond the on-screen interface to stand out from the competition and attract attention. AR and VR technologies give the user the opportunity to see and reproduce digital objects in the real world. This will really improve the UI/UX design.
Trends gives small companies the opportunity to reduce development costs and gain new customers

Optimization of Apps

One of the key trends is applications that you don`t even need to download. Instead of this you can simply click on the link or scan the QR code and access the service. E.g. You can rent an electric scooter or order food delivery from a local cafe. This trend gives small companies the opportunity to reduce development costs and gain new customers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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This trend should be followed by developers of all stripes, not just Mobile Developers. Modern search engines, virtual assistant solutions, business automation and the determination of user’s preferences - all these achievements are now widely used in the "smartphone world". In fact, the introduction of AI and ML into mobile devices is a factor that will help the mobile segment to work at a very high level.

5G Tech

The 4G receiver, i.e. 5G, can be 100 times faster than it. This high speed can lead to revolutionary changes in video streaming applications, especially 4K video streaming, easy to handle 3D VR and AR objects.
By the end of 2021 the number of 5G smartphones will more than double to 600 million. And in 2022 almost half of mobile phones will have 5G. Source: c|net

iOS Mobile App Trends

IOS strives to keep up with running trends in the evolution of mobile applications. With the following mobile technology trends the developers will envisage the future of iOS apps and the technology that is going to hit the deck in a little while.

We live in the frenzied rhythm of modern life and sometimes completely forget to take care of ourselves

Wellness Category Apps

We live in the frenzied rhythm of modern life and sometimes completely forget to take care of ourselves. Wearable mobile app development "for health" comes to the rescue. These include applications for tracking water balance, calorie counters and automated selection of diets according to health status and biometric parameters; applications for taking medications and health diaries, a variety of fitness trackers, hygiene assistants and many others.

AR Applications

The principle of AR operation is as follows: the technology identifies certain markers (for example, the user`s face) in the real world through the camera, transfers them to a virtual environment and layer by layer imposes additional ones. AR is widely used in applications related to medicine, in design applications, in the film industry, games, advertising applications and so on. For example, in the Ikea Place application, a buyer can choose a product in accordance with his/her interior and see how it suits the home.

Mobile Data Confidentiality

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Security remains one of the main requirements for a mobile application. Most of us have faced a situation when you view something on the web, and over the next few weeks you see an advertisement for the same thing. Unfortunately, no one is surprised by the leakage of personal information. Over the past few years, Apple has been trying to turn its operating system into an impregnable bastion, which, of course, leads to tightening the screws for developers. The requirements for access to the use`s personal data are being tightened, there are more and more rules and checks of the application by the company before publishing it in the AppStore.

Android App Development

Android mobile app development is backed with google that receives frequent system updates. Thus it helps your app to stay updated all the time. One can start to develop their Android instant apps from their laptop as it does not require them to have a special OS to build any Android application. It is also proved to be highly scalable. When your audience grows, you can easily widen the opportunity with its growing usage.

App Support, Maintenance & Optimization

From designing, feature enrichment to high performance, hiring an app development company will benefit you with Android app maintenance and support. You will get your app optimized enough for feasible use.

Instant Apps

Instant applications are the most amazing feature of the Android operating system and it is released now. With instant applications, users don’t need to download the whole application to use it. Sometimes there may be chances that the application will not run properly on your device so it is better to test it before installing to your device. Instant app features are important in paid applications. Users can determine whether the payment is worth it or not. Instant apps don’t acquire any space on your mobile phone. Some Android applications offer instant app features and this trend will increase over time.

Android applications offer instant app features and this trend will increase over time.


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Most business owners and entrepreneurs find their interest in compounding the services and content of their mobile apps with Google Assistant. The key benefit of utilizing this integration is providing users with quick ways to use the app directly from the Google assistant. Thus, you can deep link into specific functions within your mobile applications from the Google assistant with app actions.

Android slices are also an amazing feature that allows developers to display their crucial content from the mobile apps to the users with Assistant. As the number of Google assistant users is multiplying with each passing day, mobile app integration with this famous android app development trend has become the major target for various app development teams.

React Native Mobile App Development in 2022

New features that have been created are changing the performance curve of React Native. This includes support for parallel rendering in React Native. Parallel rendering allows React to pause and resume work, as well as to quickly respond to high-priority events, such as a touch gesture. Parallel rendering to use CPU idle cycles to render off-screen product features without slowing down user interaction on the screen.

React Native and Virtual Reality

Oculus has been using React Native for a long time to support basic functions, such as a Store where people buy apps and games in virtual reality.
2022 offers a lot of possibilities for mobile development.

In the second release, React Native and Oculus have teamed up to bring exciting new experiences to virtual reality. VR is being improved for mobile devices and mobile devices for VR. This will include extending React Native to support unique VR capabilities from new input types such as controllers to new memory usage optimizations.

2022 offers a lot of possibilities for mobile development. This year, among the progressive technologies that make up the tech landscape of mobile development, it’s important to be aware of AI & Chatbots, AR & VR, 5G, Instant applications, IoT, and Blockchain. These are the fresh trends that will be of great significance in the field of mobile development.

Mobile App Development Benefits

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Take a look at how you can scale up your business in 2022 with mobile app development.

Brand Boost

The availability of a high-quality mobile application shows customers that your business is keeping up with the times and that you are counting on long-term partnerships.

A New Level of Service

Notifications in the application will help your customers be aware of all the news, promotions and activities of your company, they will allow you not to miss the most important and monitor the fulfillment of your order.

Sales Increased

Now your business is in the gadget of the customer. You are constantly in touch and can apply various types of purchase incentives.

Customer-Focused Approach

To achieve continuous communication with the client you will have a unified system of communication channels with consumers, which will provide a modern level of customer service.

To Draw the Line

The future of the mobile app industry is very forward-looking. As the number of mobile and smartphones increases day by day, businesses are developing innovative mobile apps to attract their target customers. Using a mobile app to reach customers is ideally suited for all kinds of business.

You can easily keep your audience involved and attracted when you use mobile apps for business purposes. Mobile devices have become an integral part of everyday routine. Almost everyone uses mobile apps for something: whether it’s playing games, ordering food, getting weather updates, or social networking. Companies can use mobile apps to reach their customers, increase their sales and capture the market of technologies.
Determine your needs and expectations yourself, and only you know which team you will be most comfortable with

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