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Make your product accessible for all your customers with React Native. The open-source framework allows you to build great cross-platform apps that will take your business up to the next level.

Custom React Native

Adjust your future app to various mobile platforms and their functionalities. Let us help you make your product truly user-friendly.

Custom React Native App development
Custom React Native App

Modsen team is ready to launch a project of any scale and business industry background. Our React Native developers can find solutions to the most complex tasks and bring your personal solution to life without delay.

Mobile app development
Mobile App Development

We offer multifunctional and technologically advanced solutions for our clients. Cross-platform apps are the core of React Native development, showcasing unmatched responsiveness and improved conversion.

App support and improvement development
App Support And Improvement

Our team has the key to improving your app functionality and scaling its potential. After introducing qualitative changes, we are always ready to provide tech support and enhance your product upon necessity.

React Native development

The framework is majorly targeted at the elimination of any possible app bugs and issues. Constant updating and tool improvement, functionality boosting, and library scaling open up new horizons for developers.
Modsen engineers keep in step with trends and never stop perfecting their skills.





In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases







Native Modules

Native Modules

Deep Link

Deep Link

React Native app development with modsen

The framework allows you to see a detailed project plan and all the development milestones before the work is launched.
Hands-on control, monitoring, adjustments introduction, timely reports are what you get when partnering up with Modsen team. Get all the React Native development benefits building products that will help your business take off.

Efficient resource use

Efficient Resource Use

If you need to build an iOS or Android app, there’s no better tool than React Native for that purpose. The framework will help reduce the codebase by 95%, saving your time and money. Besides, React Native has a range of open-source libraries with ready-to-use components that can speed up the development process as well.
High performance

High Performance

React Native is a perfect tool for mobile app development. It creates a nice and responsive user interface, significantly cutting the download time. The cross-platform framework makes the whole process much faster and cheaper since there’s no need to build native apps, where you have to compromise on quality and functionality.
Native modules support

Native Modules Support

React Native also supports third-party plugins, including cards and payment systems. If you need to work with native API you can always write your own module using Java \ Kotlin or Objective-C \ Swift.
Tried & trusted

Tried & Trusted

Facebook has brought to life React Native to be able to create a fantastic mobile app for its own social media platform. You are sure to have it on your smartphone. Does it look like a native app? Of course, it does! But since React Native became an open-source project, hundreds of companies have decided to give it a go and build their mobile apps within the framework. Here are some of them.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • Tesla
  • Walmart
  • Discord
  • Bloomberg

Placing your company in the same list with those ones doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.
No development complications

No Development Complications

Since React Native is based on JavaScript and employs React API, your in-house developers won’t need to spend much time figuring out its structure. Open-source framework means there’s a wide community of engineers out there who are ready to share their advice and expertise.

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