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Modsen tech talks: validation vs verification throughout the software development lifecycle

Which is more critical for ensuring software quality: validation or verification? During our recent meetup on "Validation vs Verification Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle", we explored this question and more.

Modsen team

Our business analyst Artem featured the event. His years of experience shed light on the importance of software quality assurance at different stages of the development process, emphasizing the need for an integrated approach that includes both validation and verification. 

Technical meet-up presenter

Through real-world examples and practical insights, participants gained a deeper understanding of how these two processes contribute to the overall quality of software products. 

Participants of the technical meet-up

There was no shortage of teamwork! Is it worth mentioning that each participant not only gained valuable new knowledge but also had time to use it in practice? 

Modsen team discussion

This meetup exemplifies our company's commitment to fostering continuous learning and professional development among employees. By providing a platform for experts like Artem to share their knowledge and expertise, we empower our team members to stay abreast of industry best practices and emerging trends in software development

Technical meetup team

As we look forward to future meetings and engaging sessions with industry leaders, we are excited to further enrich our professional ecosystem and enhance our collective understanding of software quality assurance.  

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