Software Development

Building custom software solutions suited for specific client requirements and business processes is the main pillar of our work. We know how to help you fine-tune and incorporate the existing software into a new system, or create an individual product that will be easy to fit into your internal business processes.

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Your custom way of cost optimization

The adoption of technology shouldn’t complicate inner processes or involve extra resources. By conducting an in-depth analysis we manage to indicate the most efficient solutions for your business at the current stage of development.

Expert assessment

Expert assessment

It’s vital to competently narrow the range of business app types while choosing the right one for your particular tasks. We will save your time and give precise recommendations for selecting the appropriate solution.

In-house team augmentation

In-house team augmentation

A successful joint project can be developed by incorporating our top-notch engineers into your main in-house team. Offset the lack of expertise by benefiting from Modsen professionals.

Enterprise Custom Product Development

Custom-made product

A new custom product guarantees quality business development for years. We will ensure the development of an agile and easily scalable based on clear readable code. Minimum risks with maximum effect - our team can make it happen for you.

Modsen Technologies

Despite the general trend for the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, enterprise-scale companies can’t tolerate short-lived stacks with ever-rising maintenance costs. Our experience allows us to define the necessary solutions and frameworks to ensure apps will prove worthwhile in the long run.

Enterprise Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Enterprise Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Enterprise Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Enterprise Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Enterprise Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Enterprise Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Database Management

Database Management

Corporate Software Solutions and Services

The development of custom apps has become a staple for successful enterprises. A competently selected digital solution will enhance your current system and boost productivity as well as secure a competitive advantage in the market.

ERP for Corporate Management
ERP for Corporate Management

We offer effective solutions for business automation of any scale. A comprehensive approach to business management guarantees configuration flexibility, user convenience, and a significant cost-cutting effect.

CRM for Corporate Management
CRM for Corporate Management

Modsen has built up a vast feature base to improve customer interaction, facilitate the deal closure processes, and monitor responsibilities to your clients, analyzing and capturing results alongside.

IoT-based solutions
IoT-based solutions

The number of industries welcoming IoT solutions keeps growing exponentially. Improve your understanding of the internal processes functioning in your company and monitor every action taken.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

AI is the solution that can increase the efficiency of any business operation. We’ll help you integrate AI features to improve analytics, strategy, and decision-making.

Cloud solutions
Cloud solutions

What the pandemic has taught us is that we have to be ready for rapid changes. The streamlined transition to cloud digital infrastructure is the outcome of this lesson. Now large corporations with complex structures can be agile and able to solve difficult internal tasks.

Amortization tracking system
Amortization tracking system

Get the information about company assets and ensure timely regular equipment depreciation. Track maintenance costs, manage insurance, calculate the transactions of the core funds, and create informative reports.

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Schedule an individual consultation

We`ll be glad to discuss plans and ideas on your business development in person. Make use of Modsen specialists` expertise and experience free of charge.

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Head of Business Development


Proven experience in effective business app development

Taking into account the individual specificity of enterprise projects, only an expertised and truly involved developer can ensure a positive outcome. Modsen doesn’t work according to the conveyor principle thus you’re bound to get top-notch quality individual project support regardless of its type or scale.

Project payback

Project payback

A large-scale project implies spending a significant amount of company resources. On the other hand, long-term exploitation of the future app coupled with a competent approach to its development and maintenance results in the enhancement of performance and efficiency of all the internal processes. We can guarantee it.

Transparent monitoring process

Transparent monitoring process

You can control the productivity of our team in real-time. We take on the formation and management of the team, allowing you to sit back and conveniently monitor the project development process any way you like. All the KPIs and deadlines will be met.



Modsen developers build clean code bases with well-defined standards of safe coding. We can’t imagine quality work without systems and means of protection, as well as organization measures to ensure the company’s safety.

Code transferring

Code transferring

The value of the software fades if only the developers who built it can understand its architecture. Our products can be supported and adjusted by any qualified engineer. We are aimed at long-term cooperation with you but also respect your future choices.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization

Every project becomes a part of our team’s personal history. The maximum indulgence in the analysis of the issue as well as involvement in the search for appropriate technologies and efficient solutions that will allow us to optimize your time and money costs of the development are our constant targets.

All-level competence

All-level competence

Starting from competent project management architecture and ending with sharing ideas on business-level processes improvement - the Modsen team will provide you with all the knowledge, expertise, and experience you need.

Apps developed by Modsen will allow you to:

Secure development

Eliminate risks of human-made errors in a variety of tasks and operations

Software team perfomance

Boost performance in every department of your company

Safe data storage

Ensure safe data storage and exchange

Software development cooperation

Strengthen cooperation with your partners

Streamline request processing

Streamline request processing along the whole supply chain

Synchronize development process

Synchronize the work of separate teams and on-site managers

Downtime expenses

Cut maintenance downtime expenses

Smart financial control

Set up smart financial control and key processes management