Tech hackathon

Connecting with the next gen of tech talents

At Modsen, we are not used to boasting about our big plans – we prefer to share the results when it’s done. And now it’s just about time.

Hackathon participants

As the autumn started to crawl into our offices, Modsen team launched a large-scale educational tour across top tech universities to arrange meet-ups with the rising generation of IT enthusiasts eager to know what their professional future might look like if they don’t lose the spirit of learning and innate inquisitiveness for solving complex tech problems.

Prize for hackathon winners

The main topic for discussion centered around the key secrets of successful interview passing and was naturally continued by extensive Q&A sessions during which students could ask top Modsen representatives for in-depth industry insights, forecasts, and, of course, get first-hand information about the life of our company as the key software development provider in the region.

Hackathon jury

Our team has always placed great emphasis on advancing the perspectives of young tech talents and broadening their competencies. To understand the importance of knowledge-sharing at Modsen, it’s enough to look at the selection of professionals present at each of the 5 university meetings: Modsen CEO, CTO, Head of JS, Head of .NET, and Head of HR. Such a star-studded cast of speakers couldn’t but draw massive attention and engagement to the event.

Modsen hackathon winners

And it’s not the end of the story yet! After the meetups, our team arranged full-scale hackathons to test out-of-the-box thinking and innovative idea-generation abilities of the participants to award the most outstanding projects with substantial monetary prizes and internship offers from Modsen. The best way to live within a thriving IT landscape is to build it yourself – that’s what we do by supporting the rising generation of tech aces and helping them find a way into the career of their dreams.

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