Node.js developers and technologies

Node.js developers
Hire senior-level Node.js developers at Modsen to make the most out of the framework. Over 7 years of software development for 25+ industries enable us to tackle the most complex business issues by employing top-notch digital solutions for your project.

Cooperation models for Node.js project development

We are open to any format of cooperation within Node.js framework. Our team is ready to join your project at any stage and qualitatively level up the development process.

Node.js expertise 

Strengthen your Node.js expertise

Complement your in-house project team with a mix of high-end technical and communicative skills of Modsen Node.js programmers. We’ll form a custom team of required specialists tailored specifically for your project. Get access to the pool of dedicated professionals who will share your values and understand internal business processes.

Build custom software

Build custom software

Our team develops custom premium-quality software solutions from scratch employing cutting-edge Node.js practices. We build up proper development strategies that ensure the implementation of project KPIs, optimize resources and justify product investments.

Node.js individual consultation

Get an individual expert consultation

Modsen specialists will provide a qualitative evaluation of your project idea and help you develop an effective strategy for the implementation of Node.js solutions. We’ll assess the risks, create the project’s roadmap, and outline forecast indicators to ensure the maximum efficiency of your further steps.

Quick facts about Modsen Node.js development


Engineers with 7+ years of experience


Developing projects


Completed Node.js projects

1 week

Active project development launch


Certified Node.js Engineers

Node.js technologies we employ

Modsen tech stack includes a wide ecosystem of cutting-edge components, technologies, and frameworks of Node.js for back-end. Unlimited opportunities and a flexible system of various modules application will allow you to work effectively with the code you already have.


  • Jest


  • Mocha


  • Cypress


Relational Databases

  • PostgreSQL


  • MySQL


  • MariaDB


  • MS SQL

    MS SQL

  • Oracle


NoSQL Databases

  • MongoDB


  • InfluxDB


  • Firebase


  • Cassandra


  • Redis


  • DynamoDB



  • Azure


  • AWS


  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud


  • GraphQL



  • Express


  • Nest.js


Web Servers

  • Nginx


  • Apache


  • Caddy


Message Brokers

  • Kafka


  • RabbitMQ


Containerization and Virtualization

  • Docker


  • Kubernetes


Node.js Modsen solutions

Within the framework of Node.js development, we focus on the use of tools that allow us to solve specific business tasks. 100% of successfully implemented projects ensure infallible cost-optimization and integration of solutions that will boost your key business indicators.

Microservices development

Modsen Node.js programmers employ tried-and-tested web frameworks for the development of separate independent modules. Each of them is responsible for a specific operation and can be seamlessly altered, complemented, and scaled.

Tailor-made app format

We know no limits in project sizes and formats. Our team is capable of developing portals and marketplaces, online payment systems, social media, content management systems, and more. Maximum opportunities for your business with Node.js

Software architecture development

We build rock-solid, secure, and scalable software architectures. Your project structure will be carefully developed and implemented on the basis of high-quality clear code.

Support and servicing

Modsen Node.js developer engineers guarantee the round-the-clock stable performance of your app. We monitor the security and productivity of your product and employ state-of-the-art technologies and trends to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Real-time monitoring

We know how to boost your business performance by integrating real-time chats, analytical panels, chatbots, online diagrams, and multi-user games using WebSockets and Node.js.

App framing

The proper app architecture is essential to build the functionality that will represent the business logic of your product and serve as the main prerequisite of its effectiveness.
Modsen CTO

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Let’s analyze the use of cutting-edge Node.js technologies, frameworks, and components to back your ideas.

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Why go for Node.js development with Modsen

Node.js has got immense potential and almost unlimited opportunities provided that its tools are used by the high-skilled team with extensive experience in project implementation. Modsen engineers are ready to guide you through Node.js development process without missing a single benefit.

Real-time cooperation

Real-time cooperation

The impeccably-organized synchronization process allows us to support millions of your product users simultaneously.

High performance and scalability

High performance and scalability

Node.js compiles JavaScript into machine code instead of interpreting it. Such an approach makes NodeJS faster which is indispensable for the development of scalable applications.

Codebase unity

The unity ensures a more transparent data dispatch and synchronization between the server and client side, keeping the original code clean and consistent. Apart from app agility, it cuts the time for product development and support.

Faster launching

Node.js allows to use the code repeatedly on all the levels, including browser, server part, and database level.

Cost optimization

Since the majority of developer engineers are already accustomed to JavaScript, they know the basics, which makes Node.js skill development a quick and easy task. Your overall project development costs will be significantly reduced without losing out on quality.

Architecture updating and support

Architecture updating and support

Given its high scalability capacity and lightness, Node JS is a fave of microservice architectures. It means that they divide an app into isolated and independent services, contributing to simple updating, development, and support.

Modsen Node JS expertise proved by experts

The quality of our Node.js expertise provides an array of extra guarantees

API framework

Use of API framework and third-party

Node.js code preservation

Portable code preservation

Single-page Node.js

Single-page Node.js app development

Code documentation

Code documentation

Module tests

Implementation of module tests

Corporate app development

Corporate app development

Fortify your back end with Node JS potential

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